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    I’ve been eating a LOT of calories lately, way in excess of appetite, and still often find it difficult to get my hands and feet warm and my stress response turned off. I think my biggest mistake has been assuming the sodium content of what I’m eating is higher than it actually is, and so despite high calories, I’m still not getting enough salt. I know this because when I eat something really high in sodium, like a can of Chef Boyardee (usually Beefaroni), I get sleepy afterwards and my hands and feet get warm again. I’ve eaten Chipotle burritos, Hardees burgers, every kind of pizza, and nothing so far has worked as rapidly or as effectively as Chef Boyardee. Maybe because the salt is in the sauce, aka a liquid solution, so its absorbed more rapidly and with less effort. What specific foods have made a big difference for you guys?


    You need to add salt to your foods. Preferably sea salt.

    Fat seems to be the dominant macro-nutrient in your diet with all that fast food… so it’s really sounds like a high fat/moderate carb diet. Carbohydrates have a thermal effect. Focus on carbs, primarily a variety of starch and sugar dense foods. Protein is also warming.

    Low carb gave me the chills after eating. Since I’ve switched back to a higher carb diet, my hands and feet are always warm and I tolerate the cold much better. I sleep at night with a small blanket and my windows wide open in late October!! I’m burning all day.

    It took me a while after I started completely focusing on carbs, probably 2-3 months.


    Just add salt to just about everything you eat to the point that you almost can’t stand it (almost, don’t choke down salt, not good either lol). I even salt my coffee. Just a little, however much doesn’t ruin the flavor.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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