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    I came across this blog about bodybuilders in the pre steroid/supplement era.
    Most stuff described there goes against what they typically advise nowadays,yet these men look way better imho than most men in gym&fitnessmags nowadays runnung around with their proteinshakes.
    Some summary:

    They only did fullbody workouts 3days a week,no splitroutines
    They ate 3balanced meals a day somewhat higher in protein,but no 6meals a day or IFing or 2hatever
    And what struck me is that most of them ate little to no starch from grains/potato…..basically more in a peat paradigm:dairy,fruit,vegetables,meat,eggs…..yet look how they look.

    Too bad there arent any female examples for rolemodels:(
    I guess in that time it wasnt normal for women to do weigthlifting

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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