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    I was diagnosed with coeliac disease (CD) and have been eating a gluten free diet since i was 2 years old (im now 26) Have always been told it is incurable and have avoided it all my life like the plague. But now i have seriously begun questioning this. CD is an auto immune disease where the body attacks itself when a person who has it eats gluten. but it seems like an unnatural and unhealthy state to be in to begin with when your body starts attacking itself like that. I have heard stories online about people reversing other auto immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes (type I). even hair loss and tooth decay reversing (all these things we’re told there are no cures for, yet people are healing themselves) but I’ve never heard anything about CD.
    Alot of people live healthily, no CD, until they reach a stressful event in their lives. Pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, an infection etc. Get the body back to functioning the way it was before that stressful event and no more autoimmune disease, right?
    Anyone on here had any positive results with CD or any other autoimmune disease. (and i don’t mean self diagnosed gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity, im talking old school, f***s up your s**t, tears up your stomach coeliac disease!!lol)
    I believe that the problem is not the gluten, but the person. A healthy body should not react like that to food. And i also believe that to be the case with other true allergies like peanut, shellfish etc.
    And i really really really want to believe that resting and refeeding could possibly help :) Because its really shit being fearful and scared of certain foods :(

    Thanks for reading and would love to hear any info, ideas and suggestions that people may have.


    You can read allopathic medicine’s take on auto-immune disease, and they’ll tell you it’s incurable. However, there are people who do recover; but I think everyone has their own individual path. People learn how to mobilize the Placebo Effect. Other people find that their subconscious conditioning from childhood (could have been the result of abuse, neglect, humiliation) has a long-term effect on their present day health, and that needs to be addressed before any healing is possible.

    Stress relief, and learning to release those negative emotions, IMO, and in recent research, are shown to be the first necessary step to recovery. Energy Psychology tools (including EFT, EMDR and others) have been very effective, and short term interventions.
    You can find out more here:

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