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    I just discovered this site recently and really resonated with much of what was said. So much that it caused me to give up my vegetarian diet of 11 years and the paleoish diet that my family had been following for the past few months.

    That was yesterday. Today I feel like death warmed over. Any advice? Here’s my info.

    Food yesterday:
    B – 4 eggs, coffee with sugar and coconut milk
    L – sloppy joe meat (no bun), pear
    D – sourdough melt burger with bacon, fries
    Snacks – chocolate, healthy granola bar thing
    Temps – 97.6 before bed

    Temp 97.6 at waking
    B- 4.5 eggs, coffee with sugar and coconut milk
    I felt like I had eaten a rock and sort of felt like vomitting all morning. My mouth was watering all day but I still had to pee (an ongoing problem for weeks) I was super tired but I had to make my son lunch so I chose french toast with syrup and ate 2.5 pieces. I feel more energetic but still tummy upset. I plan to take a nap and have chili for dinner and am thinking about some butternut squash dessert.

    What kind of transition can I expect my body to have as I start to eat meat again? Before doing paleo I used to carb load all the time, that’s why I assumed I was fat (230 lbs, 5’5″). So eating french toast for lunch with no protein was a huge step, but I do feel better.



    I wanted to update my own thread.
    I am feeling fan-freaking-tastic! It might be the newness, but I feel like going off vegetarianism is the best thing I could have done.

    This morning my temp was 98.08 and yesterday I had so much energy and joy. My digestive system is slowly revving up (after having chronic constipation my entire life).

    I feel really good. I am interested in cooking again and I hope this will be the thing to finally take the edge off my anxiety.



    That’s great Thomer!! I’m so happy that you’re feeling good and are interested in cooking again:)


    I did this, too and much of it was me acting out my expectations; I’m not convinced it was as bad as I was thinking, at the time.

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    Hhcc someone posted a question for you under
    Eating disorder/intolerance. Asking how u specically
    Overcame food intolerance. I would love to hear
    Ur reply. How long for you to see improvement
    What foods you started with? Did bone broth help? Etc


    Hi tibda – sorry about that; I must not have set up notifications properly.

    I overcame food intolerance by consuming them and continuing to consume them. I did the opposite of what created them. I realize that I have sensitivities to some things, which I may or may not keep to a minimum. At worst, they’re tolerable symptoms and coming from far too much restriction, I’ll take the symptoms. I can’t be certain whether or not a gradual introduction would have been more helpful, because I got to the point where I was far too annoyed with paying that much attention to food and just said ?F it; this is lame?. I can offer the length of time it took me to get past it, but the place I started was pretty bad and I was having reactions to food in general. It took me about 2 years?although I toyed with adding it…removing it…adding it…removing it…you get the picture.

    Nothing in particular, helped one way or another. I experimented with so many things that I was lost in what was helping and what wasn’t. I used to make bone broth; now it doesn’t appeal to me. The most obvious reaction that I experiences was with dairy (I say this as I eat yogurt-based ranch dressing on my baked potato). Although, heading up through recovery and in hindsight, I would devour one food group simply because I never allowed myself to have it (or many). It’s true, however; now that I don’t back myself into confinement, I don’t devour any one thing?.I think?.see how tired I am of thinking about it? I suspect I could have devoured 20 apples and had a reaction; I truly think it’s just as simple as balance. But not designed/constructed/planned balance, but balance offered by my body without even noticing. Sometimes it seems like I only want one thing for couple of days ? seemingly imbalanced ? but it’s not, because I feel my best when I listen to my body, when my body speaks to me, without solicitation. That solicitation is what pushes us into over-thinking and away from the basics.

    Anyhow ? sorry for the long reply. As many Paleo-type threads as I’ve read these past few years, I have to say that while there seem to be ‘success stories? broadcast all over these websites, I’ve read countless comments questioning why it doesn’t work for them. Eventually, you’ll get back on track, but I would suggest to stay the course. We tend to expect our bodies to bounce back far more quickly than they do. It takes a lot of time and it’s essential you be patient and kind with yourself.

    Best to you~


    Thank u for taking time to reply. Pretty cool that ur able
    To have so much more variety in ur diet. When u said u just started to
    Eat the food, i thought to myself “he/she is one determined son-of-a-gun”. I couldnt do that yet because the heart palpitations overnight coupled with the next day non-functioning on the couch just wouldnt work. But u have really helped me out. Especially ur last statement. Enjoy your amazing progress and thx again.

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