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    Now don’t even get me started on the philosophy behind the paleo diet!


    I kind of do wapf -lite. I got into the habit of making bone broths and it stuck. My daughter’s regular digestive pain has vanished. And I think it helps you cook and understand the principles behind cooking. I have hens laying eggs with the orangest yokes – is that vit a? I do spend time in the kitchen but not to extremes. I like that my kids are confident to cook and think nothing of producing their own biscuits, bread etc.
    Linda good luck with exercise. I felt much the same till I did more. Bit by bit you add momentum and gradually feel stronger and much better. and to think I hated it before!


    Did I spell yolks, yokes? Yikes!
    Or perhaps that should be yilks!


    I’m fascinated by the critique of WAPF diet. It must mean different things to different people. In my case, we have had success with my daughter recovering from rheumatoid arthritis – but it’s been almost 3 years and she still isn’t 100%. However, she continues to trend upwards over time, and is resuming bike rides, long walks, playing piano, cooking, etc. She was a former endurance athlete in high school and has absolutely no interest in beating her body up again.

    Our version is *lazy* WAPF….no sprouting, sourdoughing our own grains. I buy store bought bread made without industrial seed oils. Give myself brownie points if it is sourdough. We strictly avoid PUFA’s. Very little white sugar or processed grains. We soak brown rice as per Stephan Guyenet’s whole health source approach – but it’s such a hassle we have it only twice/month. Since grains are such a hassle with NT approach, we tend to eat more potatoes with lots of cream, butter or cooked in lard or bacon grease. We have stopped eating pasta – since it is either processed or non-sprouted, fermented, etc.

    We eat store bought lacto-fermented pickles from our coop (Bubies brand, for example.). We do go to court frequently on behalf of our raw milk farmer, who is constantly harassed by state regulators.

    My daughter started with 5 gallons/week raw milk but that gradually went down when she became well enough to return to school and didn’t have all that time for drinking milk. We substitute with other raw animal proteins (raw egg yolk, liver, sushi, oysters). We eat seafood at least twice weekly including lots of shellfish stews, lobster, salmon, sardines, etc. She cooks out of Julia Child’s cookbook with tons of cream, butter, grassfed meats. We eat veggies daily but are less diligent about about getting 5/day or whatever the govt recommends than before she got sick. Her diet before she got sick resembled Matt’s current diet recommendations. I would say it was the addition of FCLO + high vitamin butter oil, *raw* animal proteins and fats (milk, meat, seafood, organ meats) that reversed her health problems.

    We are overjoyed she is recovering her health but it was a long, painful haul – especially since she avoided all medications. Would not even take an aspirin for pain. Not masking pain with meds did allow us to accurately track her progress with the diet. I wonder if drugs make it difficult to heal – even with a *perfect* diet – because they suppress the immune systems function.

    The Real Amy

    CCM, so happy to hear of your daughter’s progress. I am still a fan of the WAPF diet. I think a lot of people here are, although a lot of people, like you, don’t soak and sourdough grains at home. I am not strict WAPF at all, and eat some refined grains like pasta, etc., but mostly eat whole foods and go for raw dairy when possible. I think the diet has gotten a bad rap here because a lot of WAPF followers have gone low-carb with it.

    I would not be surprised if your daughter benefited from refusing meds. I am of the opinion that most help reduce symptoms short-term but create some worse long-term issues, and as you note, can absolutely suppress healing. I hope her experience can give others guidance.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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