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What is the connection between ph and metabolism?

Blog Forums Raising Metabolism What is the connection between ph and metabolism?

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    So, everyone seems to be touting the alkaline diet as a cure for cancer and just about everything else. Since eating an almost all veggie diet seems kind of stressful to me (even though it’s worked wonders for some apparently) I’m wondering what is the link between ph and metabolism? Is ph something your body controls like heart rate or is it just determined by what you eat like certain health gurus claim? Has anyone noticed ph changes while RRARFing?


    I tried the pH thing awhile back and could never get my pH right, urine was was acidic and saliva went from too acidic to too alkaline. I stopped worrying about it. Then a few weeks ago after I got my temps up via food I decided to check it. My pH is now what they say it is supposed to be and I ain’t eatin a vegetarian diet.


    Its a very difficult subject,but i do sometimes have the feeling it migth affect my energy but i honestly dont know anymore.
    Theres so many contradicting lists of acid/alkaline foods out there,so which one. to believe?i heard from someone that anything with a high calcium to phosphor ratio is alkaline,so that would indicate that dairy is actually alkaline which is usually placed in the acidic category on the lists.

    But ive also read that the body thrives more in a sligth alkaline environment,while gut needs to be a little acidic.
    I think ultimately the body decides whats alkaline(good) and acidic(bad) foodwise and. I think the liver detox capabillities are a huge factor in that. But what keeps it detoxing properly?enough protein,according to peat?
    Then i also think metabolism,leaky gut,candida overgrowth etc.determine the acid/alkaline balance and which food falls into which category?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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