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How to control my thirst?

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    I’ve significantly reduced the amount of water I drink, and I feel a lot better! I’m not peeing constantly, my RLS has gone away, and overall I just feel healthier. I’m not very thirsty throughout the day, I mean if I’m thirsty I’ll take a few sips of water and then I’ll be fine, but every single day I go through INSANE thirst right after breakfast.

    Breakfast IS my most warming meal of the day (usually brings my temperature up to around 99.1). I make myself wait a half hour after eating (I don’t want to dilute my stomach acid) and then I literally GULP water because I’m so damn thirsty! That in turn lowers my body temperature, so after my mid morning snack, it’s usually around 98.0.

    At the worst of my ED, I would drink two full glasses before eating anything. Then, when I stopped doing that, I would drink 4 oz warm water mixed in with 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar, again before eating anything. Now I’m not drinking anything until I eat.

    Is there something I can do to tame this extreme thirst? I’m really not that thirsty throughout the day, it’s just after breakfast, and I don’t know why that is.

    Insider Fuzzy

    Instead of water try gatorade or whole milk. Actually you’re not doing bad at all. 98.0 is still good. It’s natural to feel thirsty when your temperature is high.


    I get soooo thirsty too. We live in a cold climate and have the furnace on all night, so we are all parched in the morning. I just try to have something with calories (latte, OJ, etc) and not guzzle it back all at once.


    You could try drinking a little more before bed to see if it reduces your thirst the next day. Sure, this’ll probably lower your temperature a bit that night, but it may help to keep it higher the following morning. Keeping it more even like this is ideal.

    Additionally, you could try having some fairly salty water/juice in the morning. I find it helps me if I’m thirsty and need to drink but know it’s going to cool me off too much.


    drink gatorade to replenish lost sodium

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    Gatorade was designed to thwart dehydration in athletes. It is more likely to encourage people to drink more, not less. It is NOT a thirst quencher (that would mean athletes would stop drinking liquids after drinking gatorade… and that would lead to dehydration… the opposite of its intention).

    “The company maintains that its formula of carbohydrates (sucrose, glucose and fructose) and electrolytes (potassium and sodium) is the optimal mixture for stimulating fluid absorption, helping the body maintain fluid balance, providing energy to working muscles and enhancing athletic performance.”

    If you need sodium – eat salt.

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