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    hi everyone, my name is Linda, I’m new here. My body temp is low, I’m often tired, but I’m not convinced about the slow metabolism. Here’s why.
    I eat 2800 cal/day. Have been for a long time. I don’t work out heavily, I
    just eat and eat. Am breastfeeding, but to an older child so she eats lots of other things. Yet I’m skinny. (edit: I gain weight easily when pregnant, which feels good)

    I was at my worst when I was eating lots of bread.

    My temp may be low, but my hair is thick and shiny, my fertility is beyond fine (well, not now, amenorrhea ;-) But every child was conceived very very easily) . My stools are frequent. Never constipated, more like the other way around. But better now that I stopped eating banana and rye (I think it’s rye, rogge in Dutch) after bloodtesting.

    No history of undereating, well accidentally because I’d be busy and forget to eat. But no calory/limiting diets.

    And I’m hungry. I eat so much more than hubbie, I get bored with eating.

    B12 is low without huge supplementation but fine now on 1000mcg/day, blood pressure has Always been very low.

    Thoughts anyone?

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    Insider Fuzzy

    Just because you eat a lot doesn’t mean you should have a high temperature and metabolic rate. If that was the case most people would have high metabolism. There’s certain foods that raise body temps and metabolism and certain foods that will lower it. The typical high calorie Western diet will only lower your metabolic rate.


    OK, so what should I eat and what shouldn’t I?


    This may sound stupid but when I first started taking my temperatures I would read the thermometer when it beeped and it read really low, then I started keeping it in really long and trying different areas under my tongue and can get higher readings depending on where I hold the thermometer and for how long- I also get different readings on different sides of my mouth. so maybe your temps are higher than you think?

    It would seem strange that you only have one sign of low metabolism, but I am no expert.

    About thermometers – I’ve tried different ones and i get similar results among the different types.


    I also had an issue learning how to use my thermometer… I’m using an ear one, which is notorious for being harder to use and less accurate… but I have a “point” that I aim for now, so am basically looking at trends. And, I definitely have seen a trend up – with accompanying warm hands and feed, so I’m happy about that.

    SO… Lindar76… you can eat what you want, feel good and don’t need to lose any excess weight and pregnancy weight comes off easy… so… what made you read the book and come here?

    It sounds like you’re where I want to end up!
    Any other health issues, beyond the number on the scale, that made you think you need to eat more?

    Just being tired?

    It’s winter time… vitamin D deficiency is often associated with the ‘winter blues’ – find a good source for vit D (I use Carlson drops or a tanning bed) – and see if that makes a difference.

    The first time I sat in a tanning bed (besides some ill advised use in my teen years) – I hopped out of my 3 minute session ready to go jogging with the dog (and I don’t jog).


    OK thanks… so I’ll check my temps again to see if I measured correctly.

    @TinaT I’m very tired, had every vitamin checked but only B12 stood out. (in negative sense). Every test they could think of, coeliakie bowel monster taken, etc. I’m still tired. And I’m skinny, not just thin but allright, my face lookes … well, not allright. My therapist suspected anorexia at first. And it just doesn’t fit with the amount of food that I’m eating. I eat mainly proper food, homemade stuff, use butter, eat eggs and some meat, I’m not avoiding the carbs. The calories aren’t from coke or juice. Just food.

    Insider Fuzzy

    When it comes to the food you should get Matts main book “Eat for Heat”. He lists all the pro metabolic foods, guidelines, and meal plans to raise temperature to 98.6 and the foods and drinks to avoid.


    No apnea issues?
    Have you been through a sleep study?

    I use a fitbit – and you can wear it all night. It will chart how restless you are as you sleep. Not very interesting in my case, I’m a good sleeper.


    Lindar75- When you say you’re tired, does that mean you have low capacity for physical activity? Increasing your strength and muscle mass might make daily activities feel easier–and that might help with the fatigue.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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