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    So I’m about 3 weeks into eating whatever I want and watching fluid intake. I’m just wondering how bad this fatigue can get? I dove straight in and ive been having gluten, fast food, sugar etc for the first time in years. So far I’ve spent pretty much the last 3 weeks on the couch, forcing myself to get up and take my dog for a light walk. I’m all achy and sore, sometimes tingly/itchy, extremely fatigued and quite emotional. I think I’m on the right track? but just checking as sometimes it can feel a bit scary, and nervous about the process..
    I’m now managing to sleep through the night a bit better

    Today has been a cold day so my hands and feet have been frozen again, I had initially been able to get them warm but not today.

    I feel like this is all working but I didn’t think it would be one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through.


    It is hard. I was really tired for about a month. Then it was up and down and the bad just gets shorter and farther in between generally. I didn’t hurt that long though, only about a week but it was quite bad. Well, I can still feel a bit of soreness in my hips brought on during 1,200 calorie ketosis. I started eating the food back in March.

    Ah just reread and saw the sleep thing. It will take longer with poor sleep. For me, it was like I’d been knocked down to the floor and I was straining to get up. Then if something messed with my sleep it was like some one came by and kicked me back down. Went through a stressful time- one of my diary goats had milk fever and it was both emotional and physically tough because of her care and getting up at night to give shots (I do NOT do well with getting up in the night- not a good attribute when you have a diary herd…) and she’s the only original goat I have left of those my late grandpa bought me. Anyway, that one knocked me down good and then I had to pick up a buckling from the airport in Little rock at night, got home at 2 am and yea it was like a three week set back with all that. But I e always been really sensitive to sleep, I don’t know if that applies as heavily to everyone.

    I napped every day I could for probably 1.5 months. I would wake up tired, drag through chores dreaming of bed and go back to bed when I got done. When I got my energy it was like the clouds parted and the sun shined. But! I found I had to be careful what I did or I would be worse the next day. I slowly felt out what I could (and I was so bummed when I overdid it and was back to napping the next day) do and it gradually became more and more until now I can do just about anything and I’m fine.

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    Matt Stone

    It can definitely be a hard process. I would keep your eye on the intended destination and keep looking for signs of progress. Being able to sleep through the night is huge. Seeing some achiness and itchiness go away without restricting your diet is also a great sign that you are moving towards being able to just eat like a normal person without having “reactions.”

    Remember too with all personal health experiments that there’s no guarantee that it will perform magic. But give it a fair trial and see before you give up and try something else. It’s worthy of a trial, especially if you have already noticed your sleep improving after only 3 weeks.


    Yeah my eye is definitely on the prize. Unfortunately it just feels like I’m killing myself doing this. It’s like the hardest hangover I have ever been through. But I feel like there is no giving up, because this is giving up..

    Think I spoke too soon about sleeping through the night. Last night I was awake 1-3am with abdominal/liver/shoulder pains. Haven’t been able to stomach much this morning. Having rice with soy sauce, and sipping oj with gelatin, salt and bicarb. Might have gone too hard on the calories yesterday.

    Thank you for you input and motivation. It is great to have a community who helps each other out through this process.

    I think I need to go to the beach and do some cathartic exercises. Scream and vent my anger at the paleo Malibu fella. I wish vanity and 6 pack abs didn’t get in the way of me reading this website in the first place. I do remember coming across it a couple if years ago and thought ‘what a dick’. Sorry Matt I guess you get that a lot. If only I knew..

    If I knew what I know now perhaps I wouldn’t be in this mess, but if I didn’t end up in this mess, prrhaps I’d never know what I know now..


    Old mate, it does get better. It’s amazing how some of us got into this mess in the first place and amazing what symptoms we get when trying to get back to some form of normalcy. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t gone through it myself and also had other people’s similar stories to let me know that I’m not insane or making any of this stuff up. When I look back on some of the episodes I have been through in the last few years do intense low carb and sugar restriction and fasting, a lot of things now make sense. There were times I had spiritual, euphoric highs and tons of energy and then there were periods I would just crash and have almost no energy. I didn’t realize that those high times weren’t health but just adrenaline surges fooling me. When I first started eating ” normal” foods again I was a mess. Cold clammy hands and feet. Night sweats and bad dreams. No sleep but always fatigued , sometimes to the point of hardly being able to walk up a flight of stairs. Strange tooth pains in teeth that didn’t have nerves. Horrible itchiness in my psoriasis. And on and on. None of it makes a damn bit of sense to me but it is what it is. I’m still not one hundred percent, and I still get fatigued a bit but I am so much further than I was four months ago that its like night and day. Hope to here from you in a month or two with some similar results. Good luck!!


    Thank you @ashley and @jdubs
    Great inspirational stories!

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