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Cortisol – ever a good idea?

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    Is it ever a good idea for the typical person to supplement cortisol, either with hydrocortisone or something like Isocort?

    I guess if you’re really low thyroid, and low pregnenolone, then maybe you don’t have the materials to make cortisol… But then I’d probably take thyroid short-term, or maybe pregnenolone, if I were to take anything, and let my body decide what to make…

    I’m not interested in it personally, having trialed Isocort for 5-6 weeks this spring and turning into a bloated zombie. That was awesome. Just curious, since I see all these recommendations to take it.

    The Real Amy

    I don’t think it’s something that’s really pushed on this site. I’ve heard a few people here say it’s best to avoid if possible, and that it’s hard to come off it. But if you’re really in a bad place it could be life-saving, I guess, in the way other hormones can be until you have some time to rebuild your stores.


    @Annie, hi! I don’t know. I dosed myself on some cortisol one time and started bouncing off the walls. Some Reverse T3 heads recommend it, I believe, so you might check out what they have to say about it as a balance to what people here might say (most of which will be negative).


    When my son was really young, he got sick A LOT and ended up on liquid steriods several times. Each time he turned into a monster. It was crazy!! Those things can be hardcore.


    Thanks for the responses. Thinking about it, though I would never go back on Isocort, I will say that I feel much more tolerant of loud noises, which were really jarring to me before the Isocort. And I ate gluten for three weeks this past month (every few days) with no obvious issues, something I’ve been trying to do for a year or more w/o success. Though I really can’t say that that’s due to Isocort, or to sleepign in a little later, or…

    My doubt stems from the fact that the only sources I seem to EVER see cited are Dr. Wilson (Adrenal Fatigue author) and the Stop the Thyroid Madness site. And neither of them cite any medical studies, to my knowledge.

    That combined with how unreliable saliva tests are (one practitioner stopped useing them when a client, who for some reason did three tests in one week, had three completely different results on each one); and how damaging high cortisol levels are, make advice to dose with cortisol seem dangerously trendy and reckless.

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    I must have needed it. I was on hydrocortisone for several years without any problem. I think it was the only drug or supplement that I’ve taken for which I’ve had a noticable positive reaction. Before taking it I was waking every couple of hours and staying awake for a long time. After taking it I slept decently, at least as far as staying asleep goes. That was not, of course, why it was prescribed.

    I did have to wean off it veerrrryyyy slowly.

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