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    I have been struggling with weight issues for years, both being overweight and now underweight. I know I have damaged my metabolism, and am curious if there is a list I could reference for the symptoms associated with a damaged metabolism.


    who cares….just eat and follow ray peat!

    Insider Fuzzy

    A list for a damaged metabolism could be 80 pages long.


    Hi Cheryl. Do you have Matt’s Diet Recovery 2? There is a big list in there, but he does say it could be even bigger. It’s in his chapter, Metabolism Assessment. He also talks about signs of a good metabolism. That’s a shorter and easier to remember list. :) I’m trying to stay positive, and this morning had a good temperature, so I wrote it down and I’m going to go from there. Good luck.


    No, I don’t have his book. The only reason I haven’t bought it is I don’t have the free time to read it, but I think I’ll have to get it anyway and try to fit it in. The reason I ask for a list of symptoms is I thought I was healthy and doing everything right, but have come to a point where my body cannot take it anymore. My metabolism has been damaged for many years, and I thought it was just the way my body is (always going to the bathroom, cold, cold hands and feet, etc). Recently the symptoms have gotten worse and I really want to fix it but struggle to eat as I should. I’ve been underweight for years battling disordered eating and it’s hard for me to keep eating as much as my body wants and needs. If I had a list it would be a good reminder and motivator to keep going when I feel like restricting again. Sorry so long, but thanks for your reply.


    ? Thin outer-third of your eyebrows ? Dry, thin slow-growing hair (body hair and the hair on your head) ? Cracked, dry, slow-growing fingernails ? Inability to sleep throughthe night without waking up ? wakeup usually 2-4am ? Slow moving bowels, with a tendency towards constipation ? Bloating after eating, with food sitting in your stomach like a rock ? Low sex drive, or sexual function (erectile dysfunction in men, vaginal dryness in women)? Mood disorders like anxiety and depression ? Frequent urination ? Excessive thirst/ dry mouth ? Brain fog, poor mental focus ? Lots of allergies and hypersensitivities ? Dry skin, particularly around the lower legs and hands? No desire for physical activity/ lethargy ? Falling or thinning hair, both hair on your head and body hair


    Thank you so much! Sadly I experience almost all of these!


    How about concentrating on what a good metabolism will feel like when you get there?

    More energy
    A good night’s sleep
    Warm hands and feet (I’ve been going barefoot in the house this winter!)
    Less colds and sniffles
    Happy and ready to tackle the world!

    If you think on the good things you’ll acquire versus the bad things you’ll avoid, that might make it a more enjoyable journey.


    So true! I just feel hungry, bloated, and confused right now! I’m afraid I’ll “do it wrong” and go overboard. The concept is simple, yet so difficult to actually implement.


    very good list Christinam but at least for me missing one – chronic acne, and the severity of it that makes you not want to leave the house.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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