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Days 3 and 4 Interesting Results..

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    So yesterday was day 3 of using what I learned in Diet Recovery 2
    I was pretty amazed that even though I woke up with a body temp around 96.5
    by eating a large amount of around 3 or 4 bowls of Eddy’s Chocolate Ice Cream

    -My body temperature at 11:30 hit above 98 degrees (This at the earliest time of day since tracking temperature several months ago)
    – Even better than this was that it consistently stayed above 98 all day even without over indulging in food I was extremely happy about this and considered this a solid good early start.

    I woke up at 96.7 this morning which I expected but upon eating a large amount of ice cream a different brand it didn’t yield similar results
    The only other thing I see in it that stands out is soy lecithin
    Any ideas about this guys?

    Really enjoying this so far though this is definitely something awesome.


    My first thoughts are…maybe it was the chocolate in the Edy’s that helped raise your temp, and soy lecithin is estrogenic (I’m assuming the soy was in today’s ice cream and not the Edy’s?), so maybe that turned on the stress hormones. Just thoughts.


    I find mixed things with ice cream and now that I think about it I think my temps get higher when I eat chocolate ice cream. Have you tried chocolate chip pancakes? They really get temps up too!


    Soy can be a thyroid inhibitor.
    I imagine chocolate to be warming bc it contains quite some magnesium,which according to peat is one of the 4 vital metabolism minerals. If i recall correctly cacao also contains sodium.
    According to peat sodium,potassium,calcium and magnesium are the 4 key minerals. Chocolate containing 2 of them. The other 2 you get from the dairy and sugar in the icecream…and icecream contains mostly sat.fat.

    Or,and then im out of ideas;) ,cacao contains an amount of mono unsaturated fat but also MCT,which get used for energy immediately.


    Thanks for the imput guys
    I’ll definitely try those chocolate chip pancakes and try and track it
    Tomorrow I’m going get some more eddys and retest that haha

    I think I’m on to a strong start with this stuff though I’m assuming the faster one gets above 98 degrees and the longer it begins the hold the faster the metabolism heals.

    Matt Stone

    “I think I’m on to a strong start with this stuff though I’m assuming the faster one gets above 98 degrees and the longer it begins the hold the faster the metabolism heals.”

    Sounds about right to me.

    mighty m

    Are there any external factors? E.g., in good weather it’s much easier for me to keep my temp up.


    Actually today was pretty rainy so maybe that has something to do with the body temperature today. Although for the past few hours its back up to over 98 degrees again which is awesome.

    I’m basically trying to use this to restore higher testosterone levels that I believe tanked after I gained and lost a lot of weight.

    By the way all you people are awesome on this Forum this is my second post and I always get a bunch of responses lol.


    I wouldn’t have thought commercial chocolate icecream is going to contain much if any magnesium. I think it’s a myth that chocolate contains magnesium, as cocoa is notoriously high in phytates. It’s probably more due to the saturated fats/sugar in chocolate that makes it warming.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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