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    Matt Stone

    Come here to comment on the first issue of the 180 Newsletter.

    Sarah Shaw

    I am thrilled with the new delivery of 180d. I’ve been around just under a year, perused the blog, but now I can read all of those stellar articles I have missed (all 3). I will now eagerly await every issue.(wow this sounds like a cheesy testimonial,but whatever)I’m going to share on Facebook to try and spread the word. The new format rocks! Thanks


    It was great! I loved it.


    It will be easier to send people to your website for information.


    I like the new format. I too have been with 180 for about 12 months, so like going back to some of the older stuff that I missed. I’ve been trying to promote 180 to a number of my friends and feel that this format will be much easier for them to grasp what’s going on. Even after 12 months I’m still a little confused sometimes so hoping it will help me too! Nice move Matt.


    I have a comment on the Garrett Smith article. What he describes has happened to me. I was on an ultra low carb diet for 5 months. Now I wake up with high glucose and I know my cortisol is high (via blood and spit test). What I’d like to know is what can I do to correct the situation.


    I believe that both my daughter and I are fortunate to be patients of Dr. Garrett Smith in Tucson. Through Dr. Smith’s endorsement of Matt Stone’s Eat for Heat book on Amazon, I learned about Matt Stone. Now, I have bought all of Matt Stone’s books and the one co-authored by Dr. Smith and Matt Stone and am reading and learning. I have enjoyed reading this newsletter and other communications from Matt Stone and 180degreehealth. Thanks so much. I can’t believe that I haven’t been tuned into metabolism and its importance before now. In the past, I spent a significant chunk of time reading about health and wellness and doing Paleo, low fat, and other diets. Now, I am quite enthusiastic about this new approach :-).

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    I like the new style very much….leave it to you Matt to be on the forefront of better communication. I’m impressed with the ability we have to zone in on what we are each interested in at the moment via the forums.
    I’ve been around for years and come for reality check therapy. Which I often need in the crazy lemming land of nutrition. Thanks for being a voice of new thought….not just once but year after year. May your business of keeping us thinking thrive and make you a happy joyful man.


    Hi, Matt!
    I am so happy about this new format! I’ve been hesitant to refer people to you (though I talk about your ideas ALL the time) because I was afraid they’d have a hard time with the old format. This one is going to be so much less confusing for the folks out there! Thank you so much for the entire “reconstruction” — now I will have no problem telling people to check it out!


    What a beautiful inspiring piece from Reader Karen – much appreciated.


    Hi Matt,

    Love the new format, well structured and better for newbies – had a bit of trouble with the password, though ! It’s great that you’re including reader testmonials. Best of luck in this new phase, looking forward to forthcoming newsletters.


    Hi Matt,
    I also love the new format and am looking forward to more newsletters like this one – good job!


    Well, now I want to know what is better than a blood test? What sort of things would benefit from being tested another way?


    I’m relatively new here and haven’t yet read Matt’s books. In reference to “The Elephant in the Room” article of the newsletter….”eating sugar to strengthen teeth”….”talking about pee to keep hands warm.” ??? Can anyone elaborate on these??


    Just found 180 today via free ebook on–really interesting and different.

    Karen Engler, I liked what you said and especially the look in your eyes.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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