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    I am going crazy, for real.

    Ahead of time, I’m not sure how wordy I’m going to get. Thank you guys for reading through. Double thanks to all 180 people for simply being there.

    //Begin life story-rant-sappy violins
    Wanna say that I’m completely heart-broken and I know while I keep a chin up, that it’s hard to feel intense anxiety over my complete state of being. Please, if anyone can be kind as to give me insight and point me in the right direction!

    I should say what my problem is, right? Well, I need to be very independent now of doctors and dentists (I just don’t trust them anymore). Last year they told me I had plenty of decay and that odds are I won’t be keeping my teeth at all in the long run. I’m in my late twenties, female, 4′ 10″, just really short. I had already went through so much in my mouth. Everytime I sat there my legs would just tremble deeply and nervously, even if my mind was completely a soldier, obediently complying. It’s the worst when you have had six extractions!

    A bid filling fell out and I was horrified because I knew how my dentist thinks. It was coming out, no ifs, ands or buts. I’m sure they were just not trying anymore; I even suspect that a lot of my metal was never necessary. (I mean, you’re a kid sitting there told to trust whatever these strange men and women in white suits tell you. In my experience, they don’t tell you much. It’s just “hit and run”–bam.) But years prior I had come across something stating with a simple logic that if teeth are bones, bones break and mend, then why don’t teeth? Until a year ago, I didn’t pay mind because, well, one more e-book I can’t buy or afford anyway.

    It came to be that I caved, went searching and found Ramiel Nagel. I researched what I could about his protocol…great, there’s hope. But the caveat emptor! What he suggests I do is virtually impossible for me! No bread, or any grains, no rice, no food additives or chemicals, no sweets (not even fruit) or even sweet vegetables (due to my severe case). But I should: raw this and that, grassfed crap, and super expensive seafood.

    What does this translate into for a lower economic situated person? I starve. They’re mostly nothing I could afford (I barely scratch by) and nothing I acquire without bending over backwards three times. More so, nothing to eat.

    I tried; and I can say for a while that nothing noticeable happened to that exposed tooth, hardly ever and pain, but any reversals? No.

    In fact, I’ve been on a mostly WAPF for only about three to four months. I’ve abandoned mostly veg oils, which is the most sensible, practical thing–but that leaves me with olive oil. (Some say it’s the best, others feel it’s bad.)

    I think my emotional distress hit the deep end looking for ways around my situation. I thought, maybe there’s another way. Maybe everyone is different, perhaps given the right incentive the body would respond and go the other direction. It was a little voice. But I had to struggle with the cult drone of paleo/WAPF/primal purists. Again, the problem is just knowing too much. But ignorance doesn’t get us very far, so….

    I litterally hit a breaking point. I woke up one morning with an inexplicable foul mood, but had to immediate help the fam deal with a yard sale. While trying to find something to eat and finally doing so I noticed something…a tooth had chipped that I didn’t even notice.

    What’s crazy is that I had a double reaction. At first, I was ignoring the first feeling–instead I chose to run to the mirror and try to panic. How strange is that? I did somewhat, but part of me was so confident, solid, sure, and who knows why.
    //End long story-rant-violin sounds

    I guess that lead me here. I am breaking my bonds with the past, but I still have so much reservation–and this is complex enough, I won’t burden anyone further with my drama.

    But all dramatic monologue aside. I am afraid. A lot of the newbies I think in the board come here desperate, sick and despaired. Some others are furious at how, I dunno, it seems so dishonest and treacherous, all the information, agendas, the experts, the mindless followers. Even the futility of hoping for cures, reversals, and the happily ever after! I am unabashedly both.

    I eat the “healthy stuff” as much as I can, need to comprimise with meats and eggs–things like that. The supplements asked for in a protocol, the cod liver oil,, are just out of my reach. A lot the cheaper ones are rife with fillers.

    If any one out there would talk, would like to talk about this, or share some insight, I’m sure this would help people out. Or maybe we can help each other, you know? Maybe I can smile broad and wide one day.

    PS. I did read a significant portion of stuff on this site, went to Ray Peat’s site, and now I beginning to follow Matt’s logic. Still, since this is a sensitive subject…and I’m also so careful. I see a lot of conflicting information. I also never dieted in my life, never had major conditions or known allergies. If you want more information, just let me know.

    Thanks for your time.

    The Real Amy

    Ok, to start with, I would encourage you to breathe and put things in perspective. It sounds like you are really, really stressed out. Cavities and even tooth extractions aren’t necessarily the end of the world. Especially if you can get a white filling. Yes, it’s ideal to keep all your teeth, but plenty of people live to a ripe old age without. My grandmother died in her mid-nineties with plenty of mercury fillings in her mouth.

    That said, I don’t even know how much evidence is behind Nagel’s protocol. I would not go into the poorhouse following it. If you can’t afford that stuff, why not just try to eat liver once a week and take vitamin D, which is pretty cheap. Whatever causes the least stress. If you have an otherwise decently healthy diet, you’ll probably be ok. I know people with 0 cavities in their life and I assure you they eat bread!

    It sounds like more than anything, you need a stress reduction routine.

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