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Dessicated thyroid?

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    I seem to have a genetically slow metabolism. Every time I try to eat more I get so sick of it, and my temperature only goes up for a very short period of time. Despite having a very slow metabolism for most of my life, I have been quite healthy otherwise. Even with a temperature in the 97s I rarely get sick, and have had two easy pregnancies. About 5 months after my first child my thyroid went hyper and I lost a lot of weight quickly, but I put it back on when everything stabilized (never took meds). I’m not worried about my weight; I’m a healthy weight for me, I suppose, but what I really dislike is being so cold in the winter.

    Does anyone think that taking dessicated thyroid might help? I don’t have insurance or money to go to the doctor, but I feel pretty confident in going off of symptoms (especially since I’ve experienced hyper thyroid and know what that feels like).

    The Real Amy

    Personally I would not recommend taking thyroid unless you have a thyroid condition diagnosed by a physician. Pretty risky to start messing around with this stuff. If you’re healthy and had easy pregnancies, those are pretty good signs that you’re ok, but you could always see an endocrinologist if you’re concerned.


    My wife takes synthroid for Hashimoto’s, which causes hypothyroidism. It didn’t affect her weight (she was thin anyway), but it did warm her up and helps her mind stay focused.

    I tried some thyriod pills for a few days without doctor’s approval. I felt great at first, but after a couple days I was super-hot and even fatigued. It wasn’t fun at all. Experimenting with thyroid hormones, when your lab numbers are all normal, doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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