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Destroyed glucose metabolism?

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    I was low carbing for approximately 7-8 months and got all the classic long term carb restrciting symptoms, cold hands after eating/drinking, slight mental acuity decline, fatigue, lack of motivation etc.

    It was unpleasant, to say the least. I couldn’t overcome the carb fear, I just couldn’t. My anorexia just eventually manifested into orthorexia when I scrambled to desperately find a diet that would suppress my appetite, boost my mental acuity and remain lean, paired with chronic cardio. As Matt described it, a “dungeon”. Truly, it was.

    Anyway, I’ve been refedeeing for about 2 months. I’ve completely stopped all exercise and eating whole foods, more so following Diet Recovery I’s protocol (the orthorexic me still fears white sugar, gluten, soy, junk etc.). I’ve been loading on starch, high sugar fruits, some protein, keeping a moderate fat intake. Probably exceeding 4000 calories a day.

    Ever since I’ve started refedeeing, I’ve been suffering with SEVERE reactive hypoglycaemia symptoms, even worse mental acuity and, to say the least, and overall shitty felling. I know my body isn’t utilizing the glucose efficiently, because when I go out for a run I now last for about 10 minutes before my stamina is depleted (only started running again in the last few days), I get extremely irritable if I don’t eat for 3-4 hours and I still have persistently cold hands and feet after eating.

    Any body else experienced this getting off a low carb diet? I want to start following Diet Recovery II’s protocol of eating more ‘junk food’ if restoring metabolism is truly the problem here. Thanks every one.


    Hey MightyFall, the only thing I know is about the exercise, since you are just getting back into it you have to start slow & gradually build back up. I stopped doing all my exercises over winter except for easy walks. Now I am getting back to it & feel very weak because I haven’t kept up with it. Go easy with the runs. I am sure you will get more responses about the other symptoms.


    Make sure to sleep enough! Even if it’s throughout the day as well. When I first started recovering, I felt like absolute S-H-I-T! After about 2-3 months, though, with enough sleep and eating the anti-stress S’s, I started to feel better and have more energy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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