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    Scarlet Pimpernel

    If you were starting to see some early signs of diabetes (bruises and cuts on the lower leg not healing, occasional numbness in the feet and hands) what would you do? Would you give up all white sugar?


    No. My reason being is that all that will do is eventually make you much more sensitive to the sugars when you do eat them, and trust me eventually you will eat them. As much as I hate doctors, I would go there first. You can clean up your diet a bit, especially if it’s pretty bad but from my own experiences any major diet manipulation can just make things worse and wreck your metabolism which is bad when it comes to diabetes. I also believe that exercise is key. Frequent low impact stuff like daily walks and light weight training and stretching helps a lot also. I have a friend who is diabetic and has no health insurance. Watching his health deteriorate has been very sad for me. He can’t play his guitar anymore and it is an effort for him to get out of a chair. He is over weight and has a very poor diet that involves lots of fast food etc. On the other hand is my mom’s 70 year old boy friend. He has had diabetes for years but has managed it with insulin. He is fit. He plays golf. He runs in ten k. Races. He eats a fairly normal diet(although he absolutely despises vegetables). He eats snickers bars sometimes as well as other sugary things and seems to do just fine. In the end I think balance and vigilant maintanence are key in diabetes control. Hope that helps.


    I have some of the same symptoms. Diabetes runs in my family like crazy. I know I’m still young, but from all the years of research I believe diabetes to be of course a stress related disease. The reality is that it’s culprit seems to be erratic blood sugar. I think most people have a regular pancreas, but nothing will make your blood sugar be more wacky than a stress response. You can literally have almost the same reaction to an very stressful bit of news, as if you drink a 20 oz soda straight. Recognizing that stress is the root seems to be imperative to life-long vigilance to this disease. That being said, I think that diet, and proper exercise do a lot as well.


    assuming all the above is in regards to type II, are there any type Is on here or does anyone have any thoughts on type I?

    both my parents (as well as one sibling and a lot of my extended family) are type I diabetic, with my mom being especially unusual in that it didn’t show up until she was in her early 20s, even though it’s always of thought of as the “juvenile” variant

    given that i am now that age myself, and there isn’t a lot of consensus on what sets off type I besides the obvious genetic stuff, is there anything in particular should be doing to try and keep myself from ever developing it? is there ever going to be a point at which i am “safe” and don’t have to worry about this?


    For someone seeing these symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes would you recomend they read Diet Recovery 2? Or 180 Diabetes? I have a mate in France I would like to make the recommendation to :)

    Scarlet Pimpernel

    Oh, I forgot that Matt had a diabetes book. I’ve skimmed over it, and it looks like he does recommend cutting way back on refined sugar and refined flour. Matt, do you still agree with everything in that book (it was several years ago now)? The thought of no refined sugar or flour is causing me to stress about going on a restrictive diet again. And does refined sugar include brown sugar, maple syrup, etc. Ugh


    He says to eat lots of unrefined carbs. I was low carb/low glycemic for a long time. When I added back carbs, my fasting blood sugar promptly fell from low 100’s to low 80’s. I was really shocked.

    ExersiZe is important to, at a level your body can take. Indeed an over exersizer would benefit from taking a break from it. Too much breaks down, too little atrophies, in between builds.

    Scarlet Pimpernel

    Yes, I’ve been reading Matt’s diabetes book (it’s excellent, of course, ha), and he says to stay away from, or at least minimize, the following: refined flours, refined sugars, and vegetable oils. And fructose seems to be a particular problem with diabetics, so some people might even avoid all fructose for a time in order to heal. Oh, and alcohol and caffeine are not good for diabetics either. This is all referring to Type 2.

    I think the whole RBTI thing threw me off, and I started pigging out on junk. I need to get back to natural foods again.

    Oh, I just glanced upthread and I was stressing a bit. I think I’ve come around to realizing it won’t be so bad after all. :o)


    As far as Type II Diabetes, I think the strongest recommendation Matt gives is to eat unrefined starches, things like potatoes and yams being the best. I’ve seen the beneficial effect testing my own blood sugar levels, although I am not diabetic. The recommendations are based on the research of people like Joel Furhman, although it is not necessary to become vegetarian or avoid saturated fats. Turnaround of blood sugar levels can be achieved within three weeks.

    To answer heatherduke, I wish I knew more about Type I. My brother is Type I and insulin dependent and as far as I know it was completely unexpected. My guess here would still be to go with the general recommendations of the website: reduce stress, generally avoid oxidative foods. Type I is an overreaction of the immune system so I would think the general recommendations to minimize oxidative stress and inflammation are the best bet.


    There’s an updated version of 180 Diabetes on the docket within the next 6-12 months, which will address some of the discrepancy between the his ideas then and now. But I do think that unrefined starches still have an important role to play in addressing diabetes.

    Scarlet Pimpernel

    Oh, cool! I’m guessing the milk diet won’t be so high on the list, since it didn’t go so well for him. :o)


    I would love to hear more on this from Matt or from anyone who has personal experience with reversing diabetes or insulin resistance. In the 180 diabetes book from 2009 the recommendations still parrot some of the anti-sugar propaganda, and so I would especially like to know if anyone has insights into the role of concentrated sugars in these conditions. Some more recent posts from Matt (during the past few years) suggest that concentrated sugars in the diet can help to improve glucose clearance and insulin sensitivity. So what is the low down?


    I found an interesting page on the subject of sugar, including insulin resistance and diabetes:
    It’s obviously very Peat-inspired, but there’s enough other information there to warrant reading. Basically, to summarize, the author seems to believe that simpler sugars, particularly monosaccharides, in the right ratios with protein in conjunction with eliminating PUFA can create a healthy metabolic state that will prevent or possibly even reverse insulin resistance. This is interesting because this is along the same lines as what I’ve been thinking lately. My line of reasoning was based on examining the situation logically and determining that while sugars have been part of the human diet for quite a while without an “epidemic” of insulin resistance, PUFAs in the food supply have increased quite a lot in the past decades. So it seems more likely that PUFAs play a significant role in insulin resistance rather than sugar.

    I’d still like to hear more from Matt or others who have direct experience with any of this.


    The diabetes thing,is something I’m wondering about lately too.
    This is what I posted in another thread about sugar vs. starch:

    “What i do find interesting,is that lyme therapist years ago said i was on the verge of diabetes. I never thougth much if it,assumed it was bc of the lyme.
    So,today i accidentally stumbled upon a research about diabetes where they stated that type2 (overweigth) diabetes patients who lowered their insulin resistance on a dairy&fruit diet without grains&potatoes. And they decreased osteoporosis.
    This really makes sense,bc through half of the pregnancy my mom lived off milk&tangerines bc it was the only thing that wouldnt make her throw up. Till about age 4/5 i ate meshed banana,fruitcompotes,loved drinking milk&dark chocolate milk,cheese?.always had steady energy&moods. After that the croissants&bread from our bakery started to make the introduction and i wonder if that migthve started the slow but steady downward spiral?.

    Bc after i started to gravitate towards simple sugars,no starch at all and dairy i notice some differences especially in sleep. I have virtually no problem anymore falling and staying asleep or needing to get up to pee.I also seem to pee less during the day. And no matter what time i go to bed,i always sleep for 7-8hours steady uninterrupted.”

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