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Why doesn't this work for weight loss?

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    I know that recently Matt Stone wrote about his metabolism-boosting strategies as not being a viable tool for weight loss. Or better yet, while he has experienced numerous health improvements by improving his metabolism, he is still confused as to why or how excess fat can be lost. Some people have had success losing weight after healing their metabolim, but most people are still wondering how all their gained weight will be lost.
    Now, Matt Stone had been researching health for over a decade and has read nearly every book on the topic.
    I have just one quick question, why doesn’t The Gabriel Method work for weight loss??
    The author Jon Gabriel, lost an incredible amount of weight by NOT dieting. It is probably the most popular anti-diet fat loss book there is. I am really wondering why his ideas do not or would not work when it comes to losing our excess weight gained??


    I think weight loss is elusive in general because there is not as much of a biological imperative to being thin as there is to carrying more body fat. In terms of survival and even thriving, there is possibly little lost in carrying an (supposed) “extra” 20-40 pounds and possibly everything to gain. But I am totally open to being wrong on this.

    Also I think our bodies have long memories.

    As for people who are severely overweight, I do consider that a disease of sorts, a dysfunction brought on by lifestyle/genetic factors. Repeated dieting over a lifetime does seem to create a body that tends to obesity.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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