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Up three dress sizes, and about to go completely mental!

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    I am at the end of my TETHER! I’ve been doing 180 for 8 months, and have gone from a lovely size Au8 (US size 4) to a Au14 (US size FAT).

    I logged on a while ago and read a lot of people were going through the same thing, so I persisted.

    I got fatter…and fatter…and fatter.

    Now I am ABSOLUTELY fatter than I have EVER been in my entire life. Yes, I saw some health complaints go away, but where is this mythical weight loss?

    HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY LOST WEIGHT EATING 180???? Please someone help me out! I’ve gone back to doing 30 – 60 mins cardio a day…and this body is NOT going away.

    I feel like this was a huge mistake and I wish I never saw the FB post that directed me to this site, because I look and feel disgusting.


    I’m so sorry you are struggling. I too, have gained some weight and have seen some health improvements. But, I DO NOT want to gain anymore weight! I cannot imagine gaining anymore weight! I too would eventually like to lose a little weight but I can’t imagine going back to terrible sleep and constipation. May I ask, what health improvements you have seen?


    I’m with you, homepearle, in not wanting to go back to the terrible symptoms. And I feel you, Eight2Fourteen, with wanting to just have your body back. Did you refeed to heal health problems? If you were healthy to begin with, you might not have needed to. Did you refeed for all 8 months? Is that how long you really needed? Some people do, some need less, some more.

    There used to be a testimonials page on the site, where several people stated that they lost weight eating the food. But I think the typical waiting period is 18-36 months to get to the size your body wants to be. It might take a while.

    If you don’t have any health issues now and your temps are up, you feel good (other than being frustrated), you should maybe just eat to appetite now. Listen to what your body wants you to eat. I only did the refeeding for about 4 weeks in April and I’m alright as long as I completely sate my appetite (which means adding salt to my mother’s cooking :P). I gained about 7 inches on my waist (about 3 sizes) but have dropped 1-2 inches on my belly since the end of April. So it’s really slow going, but it’ll happen.

    Do you get enough sleep? Engage in fun activities? It took me a while to get comfortable enough in my new, bigger body to feel like I could leave the house, but doing things that you love helps to shrink the self-consciousness. Also, being happy is a great weight-loss tool. :)

    I hope we all see some good changes soon.


    Guys, don’t forget that you could always exercise. If you have the energy for it, and it doesn’t see your temps plummet try some strength training. Building muscle will increase the calories you burn just liming.

    I really had the urge about 6 weeks ago to do some strength training, really enjoyed a couple of sessions but saw my temps plummet so I stopped. I’m up for trying it again now but will be monitoring the effect. The one thing I take away from the 180 experience is that certain “healthy” activities actually lower metabolism- like cardio exercise. So if you want to lose weight don’t kill your metabolism.

    The other thing (did I say one?) I would take from the 180 site is that if you aren’t enjoying/ benefitting from some diet/ lifestyle plan, change it. Don’t just follow it blindly if it doesn’t work for you!

    The Real Amy

    I think it’s important to be careful about how you approach metabolic healing. I am of the belief that re-feeding is not a good idea unless your body is starving. Otherwise you just gain lots of weight. There are so many other things to be addressed, like stress, sleep, unhappiness, etc. Were you starving 8to14? Or was there other stuff going on?

    When I had an ED several years ago, I was starving and in recovery I had to eat a lot, but I was taught to tune into my hunger signals and eat according to those. I did gain weight but not huge amounts (just to a healthy weight instead of underweight) and was puffy and had a bit of a belly. After that I balanced out and looked good. I found then and have found since that adequate protein is really important (not extreme amounts, but a couple of servings of meat/fish a day), and so are balanced and consistent meals, and real food.

    3 squares a day is so important, and don’t feel like you need to eat junk. Make sure you’re tuning into your hunger, don’t feel like you need to eat more than you want. I think there gets to be a cult mentality here that eating tons of junk is good, and you should eat whatever, whenever, but our grandmothers were really onto something with the 3 balanced meals a day thing.

    People have definitely lost weight here, but it’s when they listen to their bodies.


    I think if you were to actually follow the advice in diet recovery 2 you would be avoiding “junk” food on the basis that most processed food contains PUFA. I suppose it depends on how you define junk. I view junk food as highly processed and full of fake ingredients like transfats and funny thickeners. Real food, however rich, is not junk food.
    For me, eating rich food brought my temperature up a lot, with a weight gain which is only to be expected, but purists would probably say having cream with stuff is “gorging”. Now my temperature is up I am stil drinking far less water and eating more carbs than before, but I don’t need rich food very often.


    PS Eight2fourteen, unless you are very short Aussie 14 is not fat! Why did you start this plan in the first place?


    I started the plan because I had been trying every fad diet under the sun, and had statrted to see some pretty bad health complaints: heart palpitations (5 or more a day), bad skin, back pain, constipation, excessively dry skin on extremities, hair fall, dry eyes, dry nose, freezing cold all the time etc.

    Yes those symptoms went away. Which was fabulous. But my temps went up, then they went down. They haven’t levelled off at 36.7 like I’d hoped. Usually sit around 36.3.

    Size 14 Aussie is fat, yes. Even for me, at 5’7 or 170cm tall. Sorry but most clothing stores do not carry clothes for a 14. I don’t want to BE a size 14 in any event. My knees and feet are always sore carrying this weight around. I look like a pin head on a round body. Tuck shop lady arms are not attractive.

    Yes I do fun activities. I play tennis, horse ride, play field hockey, walk dogs, and ride a Vision Fitness commercial grade upright bike.

    I didn’t eat junk. I live on a farm and we eat very well. Our own lamb, full cream milk, very little processes food.

    It’s got me stumped, but thank you all for your advice. I will read over it all again. :)


    If you were starving yourself on multiple diets and came down with those symptoms you will certainly have rebound weight gain afterward. It sounds like you are healthier and though you describe yourself as fat your height and size are not outrageous, be forgiving to yourself.

    Try some weight training, you won’t lose weight (you may gain some) but your body will look better with an underpinning of muscle.

    Metabolic rate alone is not going to make you lose weight. Matt Stone’s plan is not a weight loss plan, but a plan to regain your health. For some, health will mean being a but heavier than we might wish to be. But perfect physique and great looks are fleeting and who knows what tomorrow could bring, concentrate on the important things in life.


    8214, I agree with prancie, weight training will probably serve you better if your complaint is about flabby appearance, but I would do it in conjunction with monitoring your temps as you don’t want to lose any gains you have made. After an initial burst of energy eating for heat I did a bit of weight training only to see temps plummet. My temps are higher again now and I have the feeling that I’m ready to start again soon.

    good luck


    I think it’s pretty normal that you have gained weight. It’s part of the recovery process. And depending of what have you done to your body, 8 months might not be enough to assume that everything is ok. One man from the Minnesota study gained a lot of weight during the following 3 years after 6 months of semi-starvation. Your body needs to recover. And a size 14 is not fat. It’s a regular size. I’m also a size 14 and I dont consider myself fat. Actually I think I look pretty good. And I was, two years ago, a size 34 (4 US).
    Maybe you should visit YourEatopia. :) And trust your body. ;)

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