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    Is drinking milk something that should be avoided?

    I know it’s a liquid, and the point is to focus on denser foods, but Ray Peat is a huge fan of milk and believes it is a great food for improving metabolism. Can I drink milk if I take 1000mg salt tablets? I feel like without milk, I have trouble reaching my protein requirements. I’m definitely not a food nazi, I understand the idea of intuitive eating, but milk is something I cannot let go of and I hope it’s not holding me back because I’m still cold as f*ck.


    I credit drinking ridiculous quantities of whole milk (some raw, some cheap commercial) for a lot of my gains. I started my 180 journey at the same time I got pregnant 8 months ago and while I saw some nice gains in energy and mental clarity and made good progress getting over my food neuroses early my temps stalled in the low-mid 97’s for several months. At every prenatal visit I was told I was dehydrated and needed to drink more fluid, they were okay with it not being plain water but I needed to drink more.

    Early November I decided to try switching to just milk and I’m now consuming 3+ quarts of milk every day plus some juice and water/tea occasionally. There was NO drop in the concentration of my urine, even when drinking a gallon + in a day so it seems to be doing well for me. Even my midwives have acknowledged that I don’t need to drink more than that.

    Milk does include a decent amount of sodium without adding any and it also has quite a few calories which is where I think it’s really helping me. Even just a half a gallon is about 1200 calories and drinking all that has had almost no impact on my appetite so I’m finally able to consume a quantity that is enough to support pregnancy and possibly heal. I didn’t do much temperature checking during that first month experiment but I can say that despite it being winter I almost never wore a coat and my hands were consistently warm.

    Mid December I had some labwork done and my naturopath was very concerned about my thyroid so she put me on iodine and some herbal and food based thyroid and adrenal support. Since then my temps have stabilized at 98.1 and I’m seeing 98.6+ with increasing frequency. My chronic mild constipation also COMPLETELY cleared up after just a few days.

    It’s also just so nice to be able to drink as much as I want whenever I feel thirsty without having to worry about that niggling voice in the back of my mind asking if I’m drinking too much. And to be 8 months pregnant and to not have to go pee all time time?? AWESOME. I’m still sensitive to water, if I drink more than a cup or so (and even with that small amount sometimes) I’ll pee clear for an hour or two shortly thereafter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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