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Is the drinking part of raising metabolism an extremely delicate technique?

Blog Forums Raising Metabolism Is the drinking part of raising metabolism an extremely delicate technique?

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    When i raise all my calories up, and my carbs, is drinking slightly too much liquid totally ruining al my progress? cos my temps stil don’t stay up consistently throughout the day, i have only been doing this for about a month or a bit less though. is it mostly about the calories and sleep? or is the fluid part a very important and careful technique?

    Matt Stone

    The fluid is a big part of it. As soon as that was introduced in Eat for Heat a lot of people were able to achieve temperatures unreachable prior.


    I wonder if I am drinking too much liquid. I only pour half a glass or less and try to sip rather than gulp it down like I really want to do. And I still add a bit of salt to it. I noticed last night my pee was clear but I did drink a beer at dinner. I even put salt in that, but it didn’t help. Looks like I need to avoid alcohol completely for now.


    I found at first I had to be really aware of my liquid consumption. Even drinking whole milk with food was too much water often. That was months ago. I don’t give it much mind anymore now.


    What is the effect of consuming alcohol when trying to raise metabolism and body temperature?

    mighty m

    Keeping an eye on fluids was the missing link for me. Once I added that piece, it made a huge difference. I’ve made big improvements in various metabolic signs just eating generously to appetite (overeating gives me reflux, because slow digestion is one of my key metabolism symptoms) of less watery foods, cutting out health “potions” like herbal tea or greens drinks, and drinking water only when thirsty. Sometimes I even drink homemade lemonade (just because I like it, not for old 180 experiment reasons, ha ha) or cider (hard or “soft”) to make sure I don’t get too water-logged.

    As time goes on and I get more resilient, I can be increasingly sloppy about drinking extra, whereas before a few extra sips was be a problem. The only thing that still trips me up is recreation/pleasure beverages, which I can still overdo: e.g., drinking 2-3 beers socially or a really delicious beverage that I gulp down in quantity because it’s so tasty. For instance, tried raw milk for the first time a few weeks ago, and loved it, gulped down 12 oz! … too much. Sticking to denser dairy (cheese, yogurt, etc) for now.

    In conclusion, YES, the fluid thing was absolutely worth it for me.


    Max, in eat for heat Matt talks about cooling drinks & mentions alcohol. I don’t have it often, but now & then I feel like some wine with dinner.


    I cut out most liquid for awhile and I tried lots of salt. But once i ate enough calories and got my temps up, I can just drink when I feel thirsty and even if I overdo a bit it does not effect my temps.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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