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    Hello people,

    I’m not sure if this is the right section to discuss this, but here I am anyway.

    About a week ago, I began noticing a lack of spit/dry mouth. I’ve been trying to breathe less with my mouth and more through my nose, but have not noticed a difference. It’s worse at night wakes me when I’m trying to swallow and can’t do it very well due to the dryness. So, I have to keep water next to my bed, which is annoying, but needed.

    I’ve re-read stuff on here and Matt’s books, and came to the conclusion I needed more sodium, so I’ve been adding salt to my food, but have not felt any difference.

    Another issue I have is chronic post-nasal drip and stuffy nose. I can’t remember a time when I did not have post-nasal drip issues. The amount just seems to come and go, but it’s always there. Could this be the culprit? Could it be my metabolism? I’ve been consistent with waking body temperatures ranging from 97.7 to 98.4 for the last few months, but still have a lot of other things that need correcting. I also have pretty dry skin.

    I’m going to try the salt/sugar combo at night, but should I do that when I wake up in the middle of the night or before I go to bed?

    Thanks for any advice.


    Are you on any medication?


    No medications, just vitamins, which I don’t take regularly.


    Have you read Eat for Heat? Perhaps you are drinking too much water?

    I also have a chronic post nasal drip, throat clearing thing, which for me is directly related to dairy intolerance. I take lactase enzymes and drink a little bit of plain goat kefir every day. Was off dairy for 7 years but trying to put it back in now for the good fats and calcium.


    I know I’m months late, but I had this too last month. At work, it was driving me nuts–I couldn’t think about anything else but how dry and almost swollen-feeling my lips, mouth, and tongue were.

    When I read about adding salt, I really went for it. I bought a bag of potatoes and ate really salty potatoes every day for a week, and then also drank hippie-ish brand of ginger ale with lunch almost every day for two weeks, and now my dry mouth is gone.

    However, many days I still have just this really odd sensation in my teeth and lips. Like my teeth feel like they’re bending outward and are just uncomfortable, it’s the weirdest thing. And my lips still get a bit swollen. This never happened when I was paleo/mostly-paleo, I have no idea if it’s related. Do you get any of that?


    I was dealing with dry tongue last year and then when I started drinking lemonade it went away. Now this week I am now experiencing this AGAIN. I see that someone said one should eat a lot of salt, I do eat salty things but lately everything has tasted too salty to me! Well at least a couple of weeks ago it did maybe now that my mouth is dry I won’t feel that way. I just realized that I have been urinating at night so maybe I am drinking too much and don’t have enough sodium?

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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