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"Early birds" & "Nigth Owls"?metabolism or actually genetic related?

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    When I wake up I usually feel anxious/awkward and too restless to do (creative)stuff or housechores to stay at home. I constantly have to be out,going to the gym,keep on moving etc.
    It’s at nigth,by the time I need to go to bed,I start to feel calm,relaxed,positive and like wanting to do (creative) various stuff for which ofcourse it is too late.
    Also when I have to get up really early in the morning I struggle with “starting up”problems&depressive/lethargic mood which start to change from the second half of the day. (Despite having slept enough hours).
    And it also seems that,ofcourse when I don’t sleep enough less than 7hours I suffer from this,but also experiencing having really hard time ‘starting up&feeling sluggish” if I sleep too long,having slept more than 7/8hours.
    Is it possible to get too much sleep for energy balance?

    Anyway,my grandma was always what’s been called the typical ‘nigthowl’. She’d usually get up around 1 PM and started doing chores at around 11PM and then sew,her passion/hobby, till about 3/4AM and then start to get ready for bed.

    I see some similarities in my pattern&hers, so I was wondering if ‘my pattern’ is a metabolic issue or if there indeed are ‘early birds” and “nigth owl” persons,meaning I’ve probably inherited some of my grandma’s genes?
    And if it’s metabolic,are there people who’ve had similar patterns too and been able to change it and how?…..bc this is seriously a big problem for starting ‘my plan’ regarding eating/finally letting go of my eating,macro,’having to gain weigth’issues/creating normal eating pattern/happily eating big&lifting big and living somewhat of a life,being able to also develop creative hobbies,do housechores/stay at home,prep&eat delicious food at home.etc.

    I feel so sad&angry at myself when I read peoples reactions here,loving ETF,relaxing etc.

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    If it is handed down, it’s probably not directly through genes, but through something called epigenetics.

    My mom is a night owl, I’m a night owl, and both of my kids are night owls.

    However, we’re night owls because we love to read and have a hard time putting a book down.


    @Cody How do you feel in the morning when you wake?Do you have problems waking up/starting early?

    You can read in bed?;)
    But that’s kinda what I meant to say,by the time it’s nigth I start to get interested in doing various things and general calmer happier mood.

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