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Early Gray Hair?

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    I hope this is the proper place for this thread!

    I come from a family where we all look deceptively young, with one caveat.. On both sides of my family, the women went gray at a young age. My mother said she was completely gray by the age of 25, and my aunt on my dad’s side started getting really gray around that age as well.

    I’m 22, and have noticed two gray hairs at different spots on my head. Both are long, so there could be more. D:

    What causes this.. Genetics? Is there anything that can be done to prevent graying hair, that you know of?? Now, also on my mom’s side, her Great Grandmother had a full head of red hair when she died at 98 years of age.. She SWORE by eating sorghum. Would this help?

    The Real Amy

    Japanese women use seaweed or seaweed tea to reverse gray hair. Supposedly it works.

    I’ve also heard that molasses and sulfur can reverse gray hair. I’m sure there are other natural remedies out there.


    May be an old wives tale, but I’ve read early greying of hair, and thyroid problems in women can run in families with you either having one or the other. All my sisters went grey in their early 20’s. None have thyroid conditions. I’m 46, my hair is still completely black, but I’ve had thyroid problems!

    The Real Amy

    My grandma had both. Early gray and hypothyroid.


    My aunt had both early graying, and thyroid issues! But I do think there is some truth to certain wives tales.

    Never heard that about seaweed, or sulfer! When I do a search on sorghum, molasses comes up.. So perhaps they’re related? Either way, if it can’t hurt.. It may help. :)


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