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    Hi! I am new here. I have a long history of eating very bad or disordered in thinking or restricting.

    1. I got anorexia at 13 (am 43 now). I have had repeated relapses, as late as in my 40’s. No light anorexia, I got to bottom every time, but always started to eat again when I got too tired and did not manage anything, lying on bed with BMI 12. After my first episode, I noticed I got bloated and had a lot of gasses when I ate. Big belly from gasses, allways. It did not go away after eating normal (sandwiches, cereals, lots of sweets…) for many years. The last anorectic episodes was in LCHF style. I am tall and can eat 3000 kcal per day and still have BMI 19, so anorectic food is 1500 kcal for me (then I hit BMI 12 or less if I do not start eat more). Therefore LCHF starving food was not very very little. People allways wonder how I can eat so much and “look anorectic”. And they think it can’t be anorexia if I am not totally scared of fat.

    2. I got burned out repeated since 1995. I have the typicla brain damage, ADD-like symptoms, bad working memory, lack in concentration and so on. Adrenal fatigue with very low cortisol, allways going on adrenaline to wear that system out too :(

    3. I got Lyme desease. Was in bed for three years before one docotr allowed me to get tested as I wanted from start. I then had to nag nag nag to get treated too, despite the test coming out positive. I have no Lyme anymore thank god, but that burnt my system even more.

    4. I got an anorexic relapse again, this time eating paleo an LCHF and did not feel the deep hunger as usual. Was more stable. So it went on for 2,3 years instead of the ususal “down to BMI 12, then eat again”. I lost my period which I did not lose before at BMI 12 (I am unusual in that, so what does this say? That I am old or that LCHF does not provide the strength for the period to work?).

    5. I started GAPS. On intro I felt great. OOOH so great. After some months, on full GAPS, I started to feel as usual again, IBS came back full strength. GAPS people said I must try harder, go on intro for years (YEAH!!! MUST BE GREAT!!!). I eventually got Heinz body hemolythic anemia from all the onion and garlic that Natasha Campbell McBride think is great to eat. I also worsened that with aplastic anemia, taking zeolits.

    Then I started to go to paleo, introducing resistant starch and natural starch. Felt better to begin with, but so sensitive if I ate wrong.

    I describe my problems for the paleo community, and got this: You have to resxtrict and eat AIP, takje away nuts, eggs, dairy (I do eat kefir I made myself). In just som e days I felt worse and stopped. Then I found, by coincident, Stones book of paleo myths. That made bells ring.

    Now I since last week eat paleo, but more in the style of Staffan Lindeberg, which is NO low carb, and where “80 % paleo 20 % whatever” is ok.

    Since the 90’s, even before strange diets, I have had IBS, symptoms of hypoglycemia (not scary low blood sugar, but allways (at the doctor) like “did you not eat since morning yesterday?” “oh yeay, I ate three sandwiches and milk 1 hour ago” Silence and “ok, time to go home, bye”). Now i know the symptoms of low blood sugar, is due to adrenaline, which makes me understand a bit more what is going on.

    I also get very tired after eating carbs. If I drink one beer, I must continue, otherwise I collapse after some hour. Getting too low blood sugar. This problem was before paleo or GAPS or lowcarb.

    So how can I eat? The normal protocol gives me IBS and blood sugar collapses after meals. The GAPS or Paleo protocol gives me even more constipation (if not like bathing in fats that gets the gut to start working – fiber does only give me IBS, and even more constipation).

    Can the Solving the paleo equation help me? I feel like however I eat, I get sick. I get the LCHF-blues, I get the Paleo adrenaline burnout, and I get the sugar blues with IBS and so on. May my gut and system be damage permanently?


    I also had initial IBS symptoms (which I’ve had basically my whole life) when I started the Eat For Heat protocol, and it made me doubt if I was doing the right thing. Constipation is especially super frustrating, when you’re having stomach aches and are already super unsure about all the food you’re re-introducing into your diet, and you feel like it’s all just going to get stuck in your intestines forever. I really missed having my psychotically loose stool explosions when I was LCHF, even with all the other terrible symptoms, and it’d make me want to relapse too.

    But I swear if you stick to it it really really gets better!! Your metabolism needs chance to recover, and then it will adjust to the new (aka NORMAL, NOT-RESTRICTIVE) diet. A big key is to try not to overanalyze your bowel movements and how your stomach is reacting in general, because it will be freaky and uncomfortable for the first while. Maybe a month. Maybe three months. Or maybe only three weeks!! You won’t know unless you stick to it, but if you do stick to it, you’ll find that the symptoms will go away. And all of that shit that you felt was stuck inside of your body will eventually come out ;) Seriously.

    Because my gut health was soooo severely compromised from all of the different diets I’d been on (including Paleo, LCHF, GAPS, and all of the aimless purging/restricting that came before that) I did a sort of “modified” Eat For Heat where I focused on eating foods I know would heal my gut (in addition to eating whatever else I wanted like cookies and bready things and icecream):

    -Oatbran porridge first thing in the morning. I made sure it was always delicious, with whole milk, coconut butter, salt, cinnamon, honey. Oatbran helps form a mucuous layer to heal the lining of your gut, and it is an excelling prebiotic to feed your gut bacteria.

    -I drank whole milk kefir– sometimes I’d make kefir smoothies or milkshakes with real, whole ice cream, kefir, bananas, and frozen berries. Yum! I always added salt.

    -GELATIN! I bought the great lakes stuff because I wanted to make sure it was grass-fed and all-beef, but at first I was using regular store-bought gelatin. I’d put it in my oatmeal, in my milkshakes, and I’d make my own gummy candy with it. As you know from GAPS gelatin is really good for healing the gut, but you don’t have to just eat bone broth all the time (all that liquid will mess you up in the long run). So just get some powdered gelatin and sneak it into whatever else you’re eating!

    -Probiotics. I took probiotic pills multiple times a day, and made sure I was getting plenty of prebiotics to feed them (like the oatbran, or other bread products, and chicory on the rare occasion that I was drinking a beverage other than milkshakes). I recommend HMF neuro powder (you can get it on amazon), I felt like it really helped my digestion.

    -Swedish digestive bitters. If you put a teaspoon of these bitters on your tongue/swish around your mouth 15 minutes before eating, they’ll encourage digestive enzymes to form in your gut in preparation for your meal, and will generally aid digestion a lot.

    Other than those things, I just went for the EFH diet and I was really successful in getting rid of my symptoms. It only took me about 4 months to really get mostly back to normal, where my IBS symptoms only flare up if I’m really stressed out or do something stupid like (over)exercise, but I was only restrictive for 8 years, so it might take a lot longer. DON’T GIVE UP! You will start to see improvements if you just stick with it!

    Oh another big thing is SALT! I literally added salt to every single food and beverage that I consumed for at least the first 3 months. I’ve slowly started to ease up on the salt, but that’s because I finally have an actual sense of my own thirst/hydration needs, whereas before I used to drink way too many liquids followed by drinking NO LIQUIDS and accidentally dehydrating myself because I was afraid of bringing my temps down. You gotta find a balance, but before that becomes possible, aim towards oversalting rather than undersalting.

    Good luck to you!!!


    Hi! I did not got a note that anyone answered, sorry.

    I have had constipatino since I was a child.

    I have gone through GAPS this year, and went over to Paleo, that I now am starting to make sure is NO NO NO lowcarb, and I have 80/20 rule, eating crap when it suites (not whatever, but lika cake on occasions and so on).

    – I eat loads of probitotics, home made kraut, kimchi, home made fermeted herring, home made kefir. Have done this for 1,5 years.

    – Tried LONG periods of taking extra potassium OR extra sodium. Potassium seams to help, but since I have complex problems, I can’t really know if I need sodium or potassium. There are things that make potassium deficiency possible, as well att sodium dito. i don’t know if i should eat sodium och potassium. When I take extra sodium, I am starting to feel bad, tasing metallic sodium taste in my saliva, and gets swollen upper eye lids. Blood work shows both sodium and potassium on the lower end, but not out of the (lab) range.

    – I take 2 msk great lakes gelatin + 5 dl of home made bont broth every day.

    – I was constipated on GAPS and Paleo when I wen low carb (not too low, but low – not ketogenic low). Only time fat is helpin me, is if I eat amounts that make med gain about 4 pounds (4 * 453 grams) a week. Fiber constipate me even more, despite drinking a lot.

    – Tried psyllium that soaked for 12 hours (also tried flax in the same way). Drank a lot also, so it would not dry. It dried anyway, causing a concrete plug in colon.

    Whatever I drink I feel dehydrated. I took an enema yesterday, and 1,5 litre disappeared, never got out again. Tokk 1,5 litre more, and waited (laying on my right side). Got 1 litre out. But no poo. I also tried to help the process by jumping in the kids jumping thing (don’t know the name, a round thing one can jump on forever). It must be a record: woman taking enema of 3 litres and jumping lika mad but no accident happens.

    Since extra sodium does nothing more than gives me edema, but urine is clear and it’s like water goes right through me, I wonder what the heck is my imbalances?

    Since i have had the problems for so long time (but not as severe as last two years) I wonder if i have Herschsprungs desease (google).

    I also am thinking about eating less probiotics. 1,5 years of much of that, with no effect, can’t possibly be “eat more and for longer”. Since I ferment myself, I can eat loads at any time, so not too little. i also tried expensive stuff lika Megafood and Biokult, but it was like taking sugar pills – nothing. (I rarely get sick, never ever stomach flu like vomiting or diorrhea, and could start probiotics in large amount swithout noticing anything, wich makes me wonder even more.)

    Yesterday I had to take 30 drops laxoberal (sodium picosulphate) when the normal dose i max 10 drops. What happened? Nearly nothing.

    And I am allways looking like a Biafra kid, or pregnant (people asking about it).

    I am sooooooo tired of this. Will go to some clinic in the week, but they allways say “ok, but now I am not that doctor, and I want you to start from scratch, go home and eat more fibres (that causes a concrete plug for me, and severe IBS pain, but they do not believe until I tried again). Then I go back, a new doctor says the same thing. Allways a new doc, that how it is in Sweden. And allways want me to start over with fibres.


    Oh I forgotm, I tried HCl betaine + pepsine for long time, and also tried swedish drops for a long time with no result. i am drinking lemon water first thing in the morning and raw juice (carrot, greens, beetroot) 5 dl and 6 dl smoothie from similar. Should get diorrhea from that but nope.


    I’ve also had chronic constipation my whole life! I had a colon hydrotherapist tell 18-y-o me in exasperation (after a failed two-hour attempt to get anything out of me) that I had the dried up bowels of a 60-y-o man. Very unpleasant. And now I go every day! Sometimes twice or more per day!

    There are some things I did in the beginning weeks of EFH that I didn’t want to mention because I feel like they were extreme, and ultimately I don’t know how much they helped, but now that I see the lengths you’ve been going to, I think I will throw them out there.

    -At least once a week I would do an enema with about a tablespoon of raw ACV (bragg’s apple cider vinegar). Start really light, you don’t want to burn your intestines with the acidity! This is because I was trying to cure a candida problem, but I do think it helped. I always followed up with a probiotic retention enema just in case the ACV had damaged any microflora. Have you tried any probiotic enemas? I was skeptical that orally consumed probiotics would survive the trip to my lower intestines & colon, where I had most of the damage (confirmed by endoscopy & biopsy), and I think the probiotic retention enemas (using the HMF neuro powder) mightve done the trick.

    -Do you add salt to your enemas?? I used to soak up all the enema water too, until I started making my enemas salty. I also drink lemon water in the morning, and I add salt to it which helps if I’m feeling constipated (sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t). If you’re soaking up salty enema water, that might indicate you don’t have enough sodium.

    -Have you ever taken coconut oil by itself? If I eat a tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning before breakfast, it often inspires a bm.

    -I didn’t mention the MAIN THING that helps keep me regular: TRIPHALA. It’s an ayurvedic herbal medicine made of three berries that helps ‘clear out waste.’ I take 1000mg (in pill form, though you can also get the powder and drink it down as a bitter tea), at night before bed and in the morning ONE HOUR BEFORE EATING. It’s hard to do that because I feel my metabolism gets compromised if I wait so long before eating, so I’ll usually set an extra early alarm to take the triphala and then get right back into bed and sleep some more. This is seriously a life saver, after years and years and years of struggling, I can finally poop every day (unless I screw up and don’t take my triphala).

    -I totally agree that fiber is overrated. As are probiotics, unless you’re giving them specific foods which encourage them to actually colonize in your gut. That’s why I eat oat bran (bran specifically, not even oatmeal) every morning and drink chicory as my beverage of choice — those really, really help me. I get a noticeable difference.

    -Abt the Swedish bitters: it’s my understanding that you’re not meant to swallow them, but rather just swish them around. Anyway, I think it can make a difference in those instances when you’re eating something out of the ordinary, but if you’re having trouble with digestion PERIOD, it probably won’t have a noticeable effect.

    -As for the potassium/sodium balance…it seems to me that you need to take more of both together, rather than taking one and leaving out the other. Sounds like you’re suffering from general mineral imbalance. Do you take vitamins? If so, I’d ditch them and just try to include more nutrient rich foods in addition to all the warming foods that you eat. For instance, I’ve been craving/eating a LOT of seaweed salad (perhaps i’m craving for omegas, maybe magnesium, or B vitamins, or anything else) — but I make sure to eat it in addition to something warming, like a big bowl of white rice with soy sauce. The problem with eating nutrient rich foods its it can make you think you need less food overall, but particularly when your body is metabolically compromised, you need to be getting vitamins and minerals from nutrient dense sources in addition to eating those heating “filler” calories (carbs, saturated fats, salt)

    -As a last resort for the constipation…have you tried those alkalized mineral waters that are high in magnesium? They’re sourced from naturally occuring mineral springs. I’m in Russia and here, as well as all over Europe, they sell them in pharmacies and some grocery stores. But I’m sure there’s some way to get them in the US (if that’s where you are). If I do something stupid like don’t eat enough food or expend too much energy one day, it’s very likely that I’ll be constipated the next day (or week). And, in addition to eating and resting to get my metabolism back up, sometimes I’ll buy some of this mineral water from the pharmacy, drink 100-200ml on an empty stomach. It gives you a bioavailable source of magnesium (which is very important for bm, overall mineral absorption, and relaxation in general) and naturally helps get things going. Give it a try, but don’t drink too much overall — cut out other liquids if you’re drinking this between meals.


    Ad duh, you’re in Sweden, you wrote that! You should be able to find the mineral waters then.

    Also, I had the same bloated stomach/’pregnant’ look. That, too, went away as my temps went up & metabolism improved.

    How much water do you drink overall? Maybe you don’t need to add sodium, but rather just need to cut liquids? That might help with the clear urine.

    One last thing: the clear urine could be a sign of a stress response, ie overall adrenale fatigue. Do you feel like you’re under constant stress/anxiety? Do you do anything to relax? Take baths? In addition to taking leisurely walks & occasional baths with essential oils/salts, I try to meditate and do gentle yoga/stretching. This really helps keep me calm–overall, not just in the moment. But when I feel like I’m “freaking out” I will take ashwagandha (another ayurvedic herbal medicine), up to 1000mg at once several times per day, to calm down. It doesn’t work instantly, but makes a difference throughout the day. I take it first thing in the morning and if I need to, more throughout the day, if I continue experiencing anxiety. There are other adaptogenic herbs that might help you: holy basil, golden root (rhodiola), siberian ginseng.

    I think stress is the single biggest inhibitor to digestion (aside from acute illnesses). Eating for Heat, in my interpretation, is designed for maximal stress reduction, but when that isn’t enough you need to take active steps to fight the stress. Try herbal remedies. Do whatever you can to relax.


    Hi! Thank you for all help. I will try comment with my thoughts.

    – I have salt in the enemas. Sometimes they are absorbed even quicker then. It goes well with suspitions that I have some kind of imbalance. For example I was a litte bletter when I took potassium, but then get symptoms that says “eat sodium!!!”. Maybe too little of both? Can you believ I jumped on a jumping thing with the enema, without any disaster (oh, I had been glad if there was haha).

    – I did not add probiotics in the enemas. I just found that S Boulardii (in kefir, kombucha, sourdough and other with a SCOBY, that is, symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). This strain is known and used for treating diarrhea! i will immediately stop that kind of probiotics, to see what happens. But I could add sauerkrautjuice to the enema, or the raw vinegar (I have such, like Braggs, but Swedish brand, with motehr and all in the bottle.) But not if this too contains the S. Boulardii. At least not for now, I must test if this can be one of the causes.

    – I have taken coconut oil like you described. For now I drink lemon water. After a while I take some oils, about a TB, and then 5 dl (+16 liquid ounces) of carrot/beetroot/fennel/celary/ginger juice. To breakfast I take the fibers from my juicer (centrifugal, so much nutrients and taste left in this), berries (blue, lingon, cran and so on), egg yolk, kombucha or rejuvelac or whey from kefir. I also have fermented fish and kefir, and a drink of tibicos. This should give diarrhea to everyone but me. I can try adding coconut oil. Should I take it like now, after the lemon and before the juice?

    – I will check Triphala further. I must see it does not induce hair loss. I got that from maca for example, and must check very carefully. I hade har problems since I got them from a medicin (Wellbutrin but our brand here). I do not eat that medicine anymore, but problems linger.

    – I eat som resistant starch in form of potato starch. I blend in a little water. That calmed the IBS a bit. It is food for the bacteria.

    – Do you have a tips for a supplement that can give me electrolytes/salts in proper blend? I am a bit scared to try myself. I get too much of one, and can gain 10 kg water weight and look really bad (I am 6 feet tall so not soo bad as if I had have normal lenght). I buy most supplements from iHerb, so I can buy American brands :D

    – The magnesium water, is it working due to magnesium oxide? I took that for a while, but seems one can get dependent on that. I hade more problems when stopping it, and the harsch laxoberal drops I wrote about, is actully both kinder and easier to stop with. When I took as much magnesium oxide as neede, so I could get anything out, I was severe bloated all day, and often had gasses that let other stuff out so I hade to go to change pants. The longer I took oxide, the worse it went. It was rather good at first, but not later, when I got very litte effect but very much IBS. Oh, mineral waters? The usual kinds they sell all over the stores? :D i have problems with the carboacid (bubble) but can find still ones. But they often have chlorid forms in them. Can check if someone has more magnesium.

    – I also tried castor oil. Drank 1 dl (a bit more than 3 liquid ounces) every night. Gosh, almost vomitted after a while. It also had less and less effect.

    – I don’t drink sooo much. The juice, lemon water, smoothie, liquid to swollow my chlorella powder and so on. This is not very little, but I do not drink to food or between food just to drink, if I am not very thirsty (when shopping food a hot summer day for example).

    Yep, I am stressed out. I have had several burn outs. I have had Adrenal fatigue that is much better now.

    I also starts to suspect some nerv problem. I will go to an osteopath tomorrow and see what he can do. Mother is paying (I can’t work). I also will check for the disease Hirschsprung’s that gives the exact problem I have, if having the lightset form of it. Google that. Very interesting. I got so worse problems after having kids, and my muscles in the bottom of pelvis, are not very good. Training has done nothing.

    I went through GAPS and Paleo, then read Matts book paleo myths, and started to wonder. Maybe I am overdieting. I was actually better off before. I had constipation due to anorexia when I started GAPS, so hard then to notice when it went over and became a problem instead of just “oh, ate to little, could not poo”. I have had anorexia many times since i was 13 (for 30 years now then) which is the first thing that broke my gut :(

    Thank you SOOOO much for writing. i got some new input at last. No one can help me and noone understands, not even doctors that just says “eat fibres”.


    I’m happy to help — I know how you feel! I was so frustrated with doctors. I was lucky that my last gastrointerologist got so frustrated, after so many visits, blood tests, CAT scans, biopsies, etc that she told me I just need to eat more, more frequently, gain 10kg, and then come back to her if I still felt bad. She recommended porridge, any kind, with butter, every 2 hours. Ultimately, she was right.

    I definitely think you should cut out the morning drink. Clearly it isn’t helping you. I didn’t start drinking lemon water in the morning until I had already reached normal body temperatures and was consistently able to produce bowel movements. That means I waited about 3-4 months!! Not only the lemon water — I would not consume anything liquidy (no fruit, juice, tea, etc) until I’d had some FOOD in my stomach first; or else my temperatures would go down, I would pee clear, and I would be constipated that day. Try to start your days with a sweet and salty bowl of oatbran or other porridge, with added coconut oil. Make sure it isn’t very watery. Don’t drink anything until you’re really thirsty, and once you do, make it something like chicory with whole milk, or kefir. But make sure the first thing in your stomach is somewhat solid and full of carbohydrates!

    While I do think those fruit and vegetable juices can be good sources of vits and mins, when you’re in a compromised metabolic state I think they do more harm than good. Right now clearly your body is having trouble absorbing vitamins and minerals properly. In order to correct that, you first need to heal your metabolism, by eating a lot of warming foods.

    Yes, probiotic strains can be complicated. Bifidobacteria is what helped the most with my constipation. Moreover, given that you tried the high fiber for so long, it’s possible that all of the fiber is just rotting in your stomach and feeding bad bacteria — since your metabolism is too slowed down to create the proper heat necessary to process all of the complex fibers. Especially the psyllium, ahh! That stuff is a nightmare (esp with compromised metabolisms).

    Sounds good that you’re including starch, but I recommend going for the real source and avoiding diluting with water. Make mashed potatos or white rice and if absolutely needed, dilute with whole milk.

    When I first began recovery, I ate oatbran, millet porridge, mashed potatos, and rice porridge for most of my meals. (Buckwheat gave me bad reactions). I always added butter, ghee, or coconut oil and salt. I found that these I was able to consume with the least amount of negative side-effects. I barely consumed any vegetables and definitely no fruits (unless paired w/ something like very salty, fatty cheese) in the beginning months. While these are important parts of any diet, when you’re in a metabolically compromised state you can’t properly digest them or extract the vitamins/nutrients, so it’s just a wasted effort. You first need to fill yourself up and heat yourself up with easy to digest (which means simple-carby) foods. Then you can work on all the rest.

    I’m very curious about your temperatures. Have you been measuring them? What are they looking like? If I had an idea of your average temperatures upon waking up (and during the day), I’d have a better sense of where you are in terms of your recovery and what other things I can recommend.


    Hirschsprung’s disease is interesting, and sounds like it fits some symptoms (mine as well, haha). But given the fact of your eating disorder history and all of the other restrictive dieting you’ve done, it’s much much more likely that everything you’re experiencing is the result of a damaged metabolism from years of malnutrition.

    For instance, the electrolyte imbalance is very likely just a symptom of your body’s digestive function being compromised (which is quite obvious to you), and that can improve if you work on refeeding. Before adding any sort of electrolye supplement, I think you should try to Eat for Heat without all of the supplements (ie no castor oil, no juices first thing in the morning, etc). Moreover, if you continue guessing at which electrolytes are missing, you can create more imbalances and more problems. So if you feel that your electrolyte imbalance symptoms don’t get better with just eating more of the things I’ve suggested, and you want to supplement, you should consider first getting a blood/urine test from the doctor to analyze your vit/min levels to figure out what you might really be missing.

    But ultimately, like I said, I think a lot of those issues can go away if you focus on refeeding. That’s what happened in my case!


    Hi again. Interesting thoughts. My experience is that it got a bit better when i started with the juice, so I really don’t know. If just eating a small amount solid food, nothing happens at all. I also have an issue with the antinutrients and linoleic acid in whle grains. But maybe there are a solution with potatoes or sweet potato or similar. Or if I eat white porrigde from white (the inner parts only) rice or buckwheat. Soaking is not a problem, but it does not take all the phytic acid, and takes time (ok, that is not a problem for me, keeping kombucha, kefir of two kinds, rejuvelac, soaking lot of stuff so I can’t blame that…).

    I have gone through GAPS and after a while, I got to high of vitamin D an iron (toxic numbers). I hade to cut down to normal intake. I took that as a sign of normalized uptake (I got a lot of shit from GAPS, but this was one of two good things. The other was that all sensitives in my skin disappeared, could use henna and multani again, also colouring my lashes and use mascara works again).

    I hade subclinical levels on hypo, TSH 3, T3 on lower end, T4 on lower half. I got synthetic liothyronin (no T4). But when I started, my TSH had went down to 1,1 on it’s own, but still same for T3 and T4. My temperature was 36,8 in the mornings before lio. That is in normal range. Now it is 36,9 (but of course not the exact same every morning).

    About the Hirschsprungs, I have had this problems since I was 5 yo. 8 years before my first eposiode of anorexia. I had several total constipations before I ever had that anorexia. When it worked, I could poo every other or third day. Always had a rather big stomach (like gas or full). After my first anorexia eposiode, I started to get first signs of IBS that got wirse with every eposiode. Between episodes, the “pooing” was like before, every other or third day, and hard.

    After having my kids, it got worse. Stomach began to be really big, even after training so I got strong muscles. But how much I train, I can’t strenghten the pelvis bottom enough. I heard some needs operation, but in Sweden we do not get that, we get free dipers if we cant hold urine instead (it has not gone that far for me, but I recently read that bad pelvis muscle bottom can contribute to constipation). Sweden is rather HAHA or :( when come to think about these kind of problems. We do not get the best and latest, in the name of “the best is to heal, so keep training” without thinking about what happens when people does this for decades, nothing happens for a large number, but they get the same advices over and over again…).

    Thanks again, I will see what I can do to change some things. I still don’t get how juice can contribute to constipation, when it is said to cause diarrhea in so many. But on the other hand, my reactions to stuff is often not as other folks reactions…

    I got a good doctor for the iron and sub clinical hypo, and he says I am at the lower end on sodium and potassium. He says it is ok to take supplements on that. But I am still att the very same numbers when taking supplements, so maybe my body wants to be there. He also follows me for iron, TSH/T4/T3, homocystein, vitamin D (I got toxic high on that from taking a normal supplement).

    I am always thirsty, and if I would drink when I am thirsty, I would drink very much. But something is wrong, since, if I follow my thirst, my urine gets very clear and it hurts from all peeing and drying “down there”. So I don’t drink more than the juice and to swollow my liothyronin and so on. This have been like this since the 90s.

    I think I have several different causes for my bad health. Some need opposite treatments, like lowcarb for one, and high carb for another (or similar). Adrenal fatigue, possible subclinical hypo (I do not noticed anything from the lio…), need for detox and need to feed and build at the same time. How ever i do, I get adverse effects on another of my problems.

    But the constipation problem has been there all my life, before any other problems. I have never though, had any allergies, and almost no infections. Like very strong and healthy. I still almost never get infections.


    Your journey through various dietary and health challenges sounds incredibly complex and nuanced, underscoring the unique ways our bodies can react to different foods and treatments. It’s intriguing how juice, often thought to induce diarrhea, contributes differently to your condition, highlighting the individual nature of digestive health. This reminds me of a profound piece I came across by a Earthly Chirp blog who took a deep dive into understanding food labels, specifically focusing on food additives from curcumin to xylitol. Her work, characterized by meticulous research and an authoritative yet accessible tone, sheds light on the intricate world of what we consume and its potential impacts on our health. While not directly related to your current predicament, the blogger’s approach to unraveling the complexities of food ingredients with such clarity might offer some insights into how seemingly benign substances can have varied effects on different individuals. It’s a testament to the importance of being well-informed about our dietary choices and their broader implications.


    Restaurant Bohinj offers a tantalizing array of culinary delights, catering to diverse palates and dietary preferences. From traditional Slovenian dishes to international cuisine, there’s something for everyone. Coupled with the stunning ambiance and impeccable service, it’s the perfect destination for a memorable dining experience.

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