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    Is it okay to eat a smaller amount of calories if I keep my temperature up? I’m not counting calories and eat whatever I want whenever I want. I usually find I’m really hungry early on in the day and eat the most then (breakfast, snacks, lunch, snack) and a smaller amount at dinner. When I first started eating more I added up my calories and was surprised at how easily I could eat 3000 as I was eating lots of cheese, avocado, raw whole milk. Now I’m comfortable eating starch and ice cream and everything and I added up my calories out of curiosity the other day and it was only 1700. I added up calories for a few other days there were days I ate 2400 and I’m sure other days I eat more but there might be some days when my intake is less than 2000. Is that okay? I’m monitoring my temperature (not as obsessively as before) and watching biofeedback. Just don’t want to mess up my recovery or health by not eating enough. Thanks in advance!


    I took my temperature after writing this and it was 97.9, which is low for me. I’ve been keeping my temp in the 98s and 99s. Today I had 1/2 piece of corn with salt and then a small piece of cake with ice cream for early dinner. After getting that low temp reading I ate something and am hoping my temperature will be up soon. I guess I still need to make sure I’m eating enough. Also, I’ve had a little bit under 8 hours sleep the past 2 nights so that might have something to do with it. Just weird since I had a temperature of 99 earlier in the day. I think if I don’t eat enough throughout the day than it lowers. Is this normal?


    When you say you’re not monitoring your temperature as obsessively as you used to, I imagine you must have walking around all day with a thermometer in your mouth! In my opinion, you should put that thing away for a while (I tell my wife the same thing about the bathroom scale). A number can’t tell you how you feel. If you’re eating enough to fuel your body, you should notice the increased energy and relaxed feeling. No offense, but I’m guessing you don’t feel very relaxed right now. :)

    I know Matt is big on monitoring temperature, but he also talks about the importance of taking a relaxed approach to nutrition. I think the latter lesson is more important than the former. A lot more important.


    Saisrice, you asked if themp will lower if you don’t eat enough, and it can… especially if you have been more active that day. I worked outside in the heat for two days over the weekend and felt like I ate like a linebacker. It must not have been enough though because I woke up yesterday morning at 4:30 for the day because I was starving! Even though I felt like I ate plenty after working all that time, I must not have because I had the big adrenaline surge!

    Personally I am not counting calories, I’m trying to go by how I’m feeling instead… I like the analogy of eating like it’s breathing – to breathe when I need to, pee when I need to, sleep when I need to, and eat when I need to…


    Thanks guys. I am eating when I need to and when I want. I just noticed that there will be days I eat more high calories foods (like the past 2 days since I’ve had these really delicious cookies) and days when I don’t eat as much other days. I think I notice a difference though and I don’t feel as good when I don’t eat enough. I think Matt is right when he said to make sure you have 3 solid meals. I noticed that sometimes I’ll have snacks to raise my temperature but then I don’t feel as good as I when I take the time to sit down for 3 meals at least.

    I’d really liked to take a relaxed view to nutrition and eating but it’s a struggle with me since I restricted for so long and focused on eating for fat loss and being thin for most of my life. Now I just want to keep my body healthy, keep getting my period, and be pregnant soon. It’s a challenge for me because sometimes the voices of wanting to be thin creep in and I think it might not be so bad to eat less, maybe I’d even loose some weight…BUT I don’t want to lower my metabolism or jeopardize my health and I know that just eating less isn’t the way to go.

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