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    This is possibly a disordered eating pattern I’ve been exploring for the last few months: some days eating the food, everything/anything as much as I want, other days just having water. As wrong and silly as it may be, I like it. I have read that Matt dabbled with intermittent fasting for a while, and I can see myself dabbling with this for a long while. Go ahead, crocodiles, bite and fight over this if you want :)

    Matt Stone

    I don’t think there’s anything too terribly wrong with it as long as your body is functioning correctly, metabolic feedback is good, and you like it. There is nothing that mandates that you have to eat a certain number of meals per day or even eat every day. The body can adjust and acclimate to pretty much anything as long as you are consistent with it and aren’t failing to take in adequate calories as a whole.


    Thanks Matt! I do feel toasty and nice. I guess the calories I don’t take in through the hole in my head are collected by my body from storage directly, as I have noticed my middle section shrinking a little.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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