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    Could not ever remember having edema before 2011. We took a road trip back then from Ohio to Kansas and back again. I noticed some in my feet and it’s progressively gotten worse. A doctor that I saw recently said it’s lymphedema, only after glancing at it, then said to wrap it up. I had already tried that, but it doesn’t really work, plus it becomes painful after a while.

    I started RARRFing a few months before this road trip as well as slowing down on the exercise.

    I’m at the point where it’s not as bad as some pictures I’ve seen in the internets, but it is unsightly and I’ve noticed it in other places too…very random places (thighs, abdomen, breasts).

    I’ve read every page on 180D that has ‘edema’ in it. I don’t have any history of heart issues. I am fat and have gained weight since RARRFing, but I also have a back injury that has yet to be treated, so the only form of exercise I can currently get is swimming.

    Does anyone have any opinions on edema? Can I chalk it up to a low/screwed up metabolism, stress, injury, lack of exercise (like I am previously used to) or is it something else I should be worried about?


    I’ve read that it can be related to sodium balance issues.

    How are you sleeping?

    Are you getting plenty of salt?

    What about other minerals? Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium?


    Thank you for your reply and I’m sorry it took me 2 months to reply back. I suck.

    I always think I’m getting enough salt, but I never know. Plus, I hate reading all of the internet information about edema saying to take in LESS sodium. I ignore it, but without seeing any change, it’s hard to not let that info linger in my brain.

    Sleeping sucks due to a back injury and the edema got worse after this back injury, so I’m wondering if it’s correlated.

    I’ve been trying to take this supplement mixed with OJ everyday mainly due to severely muscle spasms in my legs.

    The edema is getting pretty bad in my abdomen. I’m pretty fat and it’s making it a lot worse. I’m guessing the edema is adding anywhere from 20 to 40 lbs extra weight on me.

    I bought a professional wrap, but have not seen too much of a difference..I should be more consistent with it. It is much better than the ACE bandages I was using.

    Thanks again, Cody!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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