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    So, I’ve posted before, but quick background. Had an ED for over a year, during which I did HIIT and barely ate. Also, was nursing my daughter for several months of this. I have been recovering for 19 months. For the 15 months, I was eating 2500+ or so calories (more in the beginning, as I went through an extreme hunger phase, and I didn’t keep count). The past 4 months I’ve been eating 3000+. I have had one period in all that time, about 10 months in to my recovery process. I have gained a lot of weight, more then doubled my starting weight, have water retention, pain and still have a lower body temp. I don’t feel better at all, and apparently still have a long way to go, which is discouraging after all the crap I’ve been through.

    Doctors have been baffled by my lack of regular period, and the fact it took me so long to even have my first one. I was always regular before I had my daughter, so this has been out of the norm for me. Anyways, I did get some blood tests done that show that I do have slightly elevated testosterone levels. They are not off the charts or anything…more like 10 points over or something along those lines. But, I am showing signs of having increased androgens, such as bad dandruff, hair on my inner thighs and lower belly, bad acne, and spotting for weeks at a time. Of course the reaction of my OB is that I need to lose weight and exercise (not possible for me as a recovering anorexic right now), as she believes that in my recovery, I have developed polycystic ovaries. So, instead she wants to put me on BCP, which of course will just patch the problem, not fix it. I’m at a loss as to what to do, and feel like these hormonal imbalances are just setting me back even more then I already feel, and will make it impossible for me to ever see a turn around in my recovery process.

    I’m just wondering if anyone out there has some suggestions as to things I could do to help out or to give me some reassurance or something. I’m feeling really discouraged that nothing is seeming to go in a positive direction in my recovery as of late.


    Hannah Ransom

    That’s tought since you are recovering right now. You definitely won’t want to restrict yourself or put yourself in any kind of restrictive mindset, but it may eventually takle a shift in order to correct hormonal imbalance. I would definitely work on blood sugar balance, which you could probably try to do without restrcting at all, but just make sure that you always eat regularly and get carbs protein and fat at all of your meals, ideally.

    In terms of re-feeding I can’t really give you advice, though, since I am not the expert in that arena. I would definitely make sure that feeling like crap isn’t coming from an emotional state in terms of not wanting to look the way you look or anything like that. If it isn’t, then I would asses what you can do to get you where you want to be and whether you are on that path right now. But I’m not really sure of the time frame that is recommended and when you should start feeling better or have reset your metabolism or anything.



    Are you still here? I’d love to hear how you are doing. I don’t have any advice, but was hoping your situation has improved and that you could tell us some of your findings?

    I hope you are ok.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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