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    I’m needing a little encouragement. I first read Eat for Heat at the end of February and have been re-feeding since. I grew up overweight then finally lost weight and got down to a normal weight after having my second child. It wasn’t much longer after I got to my “goal weight” that I got pregnant with my third. With the third pregnancy I gained over 50 pounds. I was also trying hard not to gain a lot of weight by continuing to count my calories, which I’m realizing now was a big mistake. Due to being so overweight with my first two, I lost weight with those pregnancies and deliveries.

    After being so cold and taking my temp. only to find it being 95 degrees, I sat down and read Eat for Heat in one night. I then started the next morning. I’ve since read Diet Recovery, Diet Recovery 2, Food Ninjas, and I am currently reading Solving the Paleo Equation. Currently I’m struggling to get my temp over 97.5 when I wake up and throughout the day. I’ve regained almost all of the weight I had lost and am very frustrated since I was finally at a normal weight, gave all of my “fat clothes” away, and I miss going to the gym because I’m trying to get more sleep.

    Fortunately, I’m feeling better – less grumpy, not as tired, don’t fall asleep while reading to my kids, etc. I guess I’d feel more hopeful if my temp. was at least back around 98, where I did have it for a short time.

    Please tell me some of you have been here and that eventually the temp. will improve! I’m trying to be patient and don’t expect this to happen overnight, but it seems like I’ve gone backwards, and I can’t figure out what I’m doing differently than when my temps had gotten closer to 98.6.

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