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    I don’t have a great metabolism, but it isn’t terrible either. My temp is a consistent 36.5 and I don’t get cold and such. It doesn’t take much for me to get wiped out from physical activity though, but I desperately need to build up some strength. I’m tired of getting sore all the time, whether it’s a sore foot and knee from driving or neck and shoulder pain from long crafting sessions. I’ve never been heavily into exercising, but I grew up using biking and walking as my main modes of transportation. Moving to the US had a negative effect on that habit. I used to dance quite a bit too. This was 15 some years ago; I really haven’t done anything since then, except heavy housework if that counts;).

    I’m not going to do the gym thing, I’m pretty sure and I’m not going to hire a professional trainer. I just want to watch a youtube video and do a simple workout, to build up some basic strength. I’m not getting big equipment as I have a small apartment.
    I injured my big toe 9 months ago and it’s not healed all the way. I get in trouble from putting too much weight on it, like jumping, playing badminton, frisbee etc. I’m hoping to heal that injury though, and hopefully exercising can help with that. I have taken to walking even less since that happened.

    I’m looking for some tips and recommendations. I found this video on youtube and it looks really nice and easy, but I’m not informed enough to determine whether it’s good or safe. Also, what do I do for warm ups when I can’t put much pressure on my foot? She does jumping jacks and I tried it today; it didn’t feel so good.

    I’m super worried about injuries, especially since I’m not very strong, so although I hear that you should lift heavy weights, I’m not sure that applies to someone as novice as me.

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    Matt Stone

    I don’t think it matters too much as long as it is something and you stick with it for a while – like 10-12 weeks. Then you can do something else depending on what you want to do for another 10-12 weeks and keep on going. There are a lot of modalities and programs out there and any one of them that you follow through on will help I bet.


    I would also add: avoid going to failure and exhausting yourself with whatever you do. Better to always leave a little in the tank and keep yourself hungry and energized for next time, rather than going all out and hitting a wall. Consistency reigns supreme, even over intensity. Finding something you can stick with is more important than getting it exactly right.

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    Thanks guys!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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