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    I’m female in my late 40’s. Started walking and then cross-country hiking over hills almost a year ago after being sedentary for a couple of decades. Began refeeding 6 months ago. Results: raised temp from 94 to 98; better body composition; pcos and uterine fibroids gone; much better mental health with a cheery outlook on life; regular periods; sleeping well; better relationship with food; upper body much stronger due to lifting heavy things.

    So…why is hiking 2 miles STILL so hard? Most days I only go because I love being with the friend I go with. I have to stop frequently and my muscles hurt for hours afterward. We generally do this 4-5 times per week. I fantasize about running someday but it seems impossible. The level I am at right now is where I was a year ago. This just seems so wrong with all of the other incredible changes that have happened. Why are my leg muscles rebelling when the rest of my body is so happy? Any ideas?


    Darn, that sounds really frustrating! Have you been sleeping plenty, waking up without an alarm? This is important for me personally to feel right… Perhaps there is a nutrient you are missing, an electrolyte. How do your legs feel exactly? Tight and achy, or sore or?

    Perhaps you just need to walk half a mile, or whatever distance you can walk without a problem, do that a few days and see if you can be stable with that. Then rest a day and then try .75 miles, same thing and try working yourself up that way. Don’t forget rest days and certainly a rest week never hurt anyone. I always come back stronger after taking a whole week off from whatever I’ve been doing.


    It takes. T. I. M. E.

    For sure.

    I overdid the exercise for years. After resting for a good year (on month 15) it is still hard for me to hike 1 mile up a hill home (hilly city)… I only average about 2 miles a day walking but I get quite fatigued. Your body will be ready when…well, it’s ready. Appreciate what you do have; I’m thankful everyday that I can stand and at least walk a little.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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