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    I’ve been working on pulling together the various research on how facial development is interrupted in an attempt to create a cohesive theory. After about a year and a half of research and pondering, I think that I have something worth putting out there for discussion. My synthesis was informed by the research of Weston A. Price, John Mew, Mark Starr, Ray Peat and one Matt Stone. As there are multiple paths for facial development to become interrupted, I thought a flow diagram would be the best method to present the synthesis. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

    Here’s the link:

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    Hi Nira,

    I’m going through what’s called ‘neuro-cranial restructuring’, with some great help from something called an ALF appliance. So I’d be very interested in what you got there, but it doesn’t seem to be showing up!


    Hi CPMartin,
    I’m working on my next iteration, so I took that version down. Essentially, I think I can show how facial and dental deformities develop by connecting the findings of the work of a few different authors.

    The short explanation:
    The work of Weston A. Price is excellent in terms of documenting that changes in the food supply are interfering with facial development. The exact mechanism is unclear however. There are hints in the text that the people who are most afflicted are those that have the weakest appetite with the most limited diet. Matt’s work allowed me to make the connection between the weak appetite and hypothyroidism/ low metabolic rate. From there the work of Mark Starr in documenting the numerous ways that hypothyroidism plays out informed my thinking. It is extraordinary in the variety. After this I got stuck for many months in my research, as the exact mechanism of deformation remained unclear. Then I found the work of John Mew. He has documented the structural causes for the interference with tooth and jaw development. Essentially he shows that the face needs the tongue and jaw muscles to function properly and in a specific ‘posture’ for the face to develop properly. The root cause of the dysfunction is clear in a number of cases, such as thumb-sucking or a mistrained tongue due to a pacifier and bottle feeding. Other times, he is as a loss and his attempts to connect to the work of Weston A. Price are naive and not researched. This is when I realized that I could connect the work of John Mew to Mark Starr’s work on a case-by-case basis and connect back to the work of Price.

    This draws together a theory for the interference with facial development, where changes in the food supply produce changes on a cellular level, the low metabolic rate displays itself through systemic inflammation (determined by genetics) that cause maladative changes in behavior causing structural changes. Not every case passes through these steps (the use of pacifiers is a good example). My goal is to elucidate the multiple check points that a parent can use to make sure that their kid will develop properly, and hopefully make a list of behaviors to watch for at different ages. As a note, I have been working from multiple case studies that are not explainable from the traditional paradigm of jaw development, and this is how I have been moving my research forward on my own. My research is not geared towards addressing the problem after it develops at this point. I am currently focused on prevention and trying to figure out how to get this information out to a wider audience.


    Hey Nira,

    Didn’t see this below. Sounds like a great topic and solid research. Once you have a new flow chart up, email me rob at 180degreehealth and maybe we can feature it on site.

    Hope all’s well


    Hi Rob,

    I’m actually at a really good place to share the research. The underlying theory is sound and defensible. I’m in the throes of a couple work projects, I’ll post an update as soon as I have a few minutes to type it.


    Just posted my latest flow diagram to my tumblr:
    It is still a work in progress, but I think it communicates the overall theory which shows the intersection between cellular and structural factors. I am also working on writing out the research behind the theory.


    What does one do about the bad pasture? I am so the girl on the left :( My head sits forward, I have lower back pain, calves tend to be tight and my neck and shoulders are tight as well.


    So one of the areas that I have investigated for the effect on facial development is the documentation in posturology. There are a lot of minor interferences that could potentially interfere with facial development. The question is always how does this play out structurally. All interferences play out in a disruption to the regulatory relationship between tongue, teeth/jaw and lips. The only way I can trace that posture could interfere with this relationship is by stressing the jaw joint, resulting in a lax position changing the tongue posture. I haven’t read anything about this that convinces me the supreme importance of posturology, nor can I dismiss it out of hand.

    Posture is a really hard topic to find unbiased information about and I have not found a study that allows me to evaluate this idea properly. Part of the problem is that the factors that lead to the poor posture also happen to coexist with factors that directly impact facial development (like bottle-feeding). My inclination on this factor is to say that the minor stress from poor posture can be overcome with a high metabolic rate and a conscious awareness of jaw position.

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