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Fantastic Salty Starches — Asian noodle shop edition

Blog Forums Eat the Food! Fantastic Salty Starches — Asian noodle shop edition

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    mighty m

    Had a delicious starchy lunch at a Korean noodle shop today. Steamed dumplings with as much soy sauce as they could soak up, and ja jang myun, a noodle dish with a sticky, salty pork sauce on top. I know almost nothing about Korean food, so I can’t really place this in context, but it was good, fresh and inexpensive. Oh, yeah, and some vinegar-y pickled daikon on the side.

    Feeling well-fed this afternoon.

    Oh, and had a ginger-molasses cookie for dessert.

    Seriously, most of the world’s great cuisines rely upon starch. What are the paleons thinking?


    That sounds amazing. Note to self: find Korean food.


    Oh hell yeah. The Asian noodly goodness! :D That kind of meal sounds good to me any day, any time! Just hearing about sticky, salty pork sauce makes me hungry!


    Noodle dishes are the best. One of my favorites is Vietnamese Pho, which is made with broad rice noodles. If you get it at an authentic place, it’s cooked in a bone broth and you can get with “variety” parts like tripe–so it’s a nice break from all the muscle meat you’ll get a most restaurants.

    Tom Yum noodle soup from a Thai restaurant is also awesome. I think I know what I’m doing for dinner now!

    Steven e

    Picking up some Rice noodles has been on my list for a while, but they aren’t widely available. They’re a great staple. Given some broth, ginger and soysauce, I can usually whip up a half way decent noodle bowl with whatever else happens to be around. Since re-feeding I seem to be able to eat garlic again. It has bothered me for decades. Still bothers me a little sometimes, but not enough to keep me from enjoying eating whatever I want to eat. I’m looking forward to exploring cusines that are full of it again, including Korean. For some awesome noodle porn, check out Tampopo a totally wacky Japanese noodle western from 1985. Hands down my favorite food movie!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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