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Fasting glucose higher than postprandial?

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    Hey all,

    I don’t have a history of diabetes or anything. I’ve been working with Matt to fix some major low thyroid symptoms, sleep issues and dental problems. My basal is high – 98.3 averaged between pre and post ovulation. Hashi’s has been suggested to me elswhere as the reason for the high temp/low thyroid issues. Anyway, Matt suggested I increase carbs, especially fruits to the 50-60% range. I’ve been making it to around 50% for 3 weeks. I would say most of my carbs were coming from fruit, but I have potatoes with dinner normally, as well as wheat on occasion. No PUFAS, lots of celtic salt, working on upping the minerals big time. I had/have a Weston Price mindset about food, so I was eating about 60% fat. I’m still big on whole foods, but the fast is now around 30%.

    Anyway, I decided to get a glucose monitor as curiosity got the best of me. The only blood sugar I’ve had run was 3 months ago as part of a panel. I had eaten some cheese and turkey or something about an hour before and it was 80. Anyway, today my fasting level was 110 (yikes, prediabetic?!), but my 1 hour was 96 and 2 hour was 94. Hmmm, ok. Weird. What now? I’ve read about Dawns Phenomenon, but how could I be prediabetic via the fasting levels, but my levels are fine the rest of the time?

    Also, sleep issues have been my Achilles heel in the form of night terrors and wake ups (but no peeing). I started watching my fluids and concentrating the bulk of my salty/fatty calories for dinner and doing a salty/sugary/starchy snack before bed and I’m sleeping better. I thought I would mention that bedtime snack, as I was reading that may be the cause of the high fasting levels.

    I have a follow up call with Matt later this month, but I wanted to see what you all think is going on and if I should focus more on starches and less on fruits or add some other tweak.


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    • This topic was modified 10 years, 10 months ago by Kari.
    Matt Stone

    Having a higher fasting glucose than postprandial suggests that your stress hormones are through the roof in the early morning (typically the lower the metabolic rate, the higher stress hormones will peak in the late night and early morning – probably the source of your sleep problems as well). Don’t freak out about this. This has nothing to do with classical type 2 diabetes pathology. If your glucose clearance is good enough for blood sugar to fall after eating, you are very insulin sensitive. You most likely need to keep eating and sleeping more to offset the excess adrenaline.


    Oh, thank the Lord for that! I just took my levels after a 150g carb dinner snd it was 115 an hour after.

    Matt, do I keep up with the bedtime snack? Also, is 8 hours of sleep sufficient or do I need to push for more?

    Thanks for replying. I was a bit freaked lol.


    My fasting today was 88 and my temp was 97.8 (pre OV). When it was 110 yesterday, my temp was 98. So, will the fasting jump around day-to-day?


    It might jump around. Just try not to get freaked out and read too much into day to day numbers, trying to decipher the code based on each micro-adjustment you might make. Just keep an eye on the longer term trends and especially whether you’re seeing improvements in your basic sense of well being.


    Thanks, Rob. I’m not freaking out. I’m just wondering how it all ties together lol. I’m one of those analytical types.

    Today my temp was 98.3 (day 5 of my period, so should be 97.8) and fasting was 95. I had a bad night terror/insomnia night. I guess the adrenals directly affects temps and/or causes them to fluctuate wildly?

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