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    Pretty much every time I think I’ve “got it”… someone here posts that they had success doing the opposite… and it just brings me back to the “self-experimentation” and “we’re all unique” issues again…

    I think that we’re here and talking/typing is a good thing – and hearing from people like you, David, that have found what works for them is very, very encouraging. (even if that’s not what works for us)

    I just hope I’m not the friend out with you when the bear shows up! I’ve got some work to do! :)


    You can still be my friend in our bear-infested forest. Stick your leg out at just the right moment, and I’ll be face first in the mud while you trot to safety. Cleverness wins every time.

    I’m glad my experience was encouraging to you. Although my view of health has become (in some ways) a 180 of 180, I don’t want to come across as confrontational when I post here. I’m not really trying to change anyone’s mind, but I do think it’s important to hear a variety of opinions.

    Heather L

    Update: This is exactly why I’m so discouraged. My weight edges up every few days while I “eat for heat” and I see anti-results. Yesterday I ate things like calorie-dense potato soup, an 85% chocolate bar, 1 cup yogurt, pizza bread, chocolate ice cream, and half and half with molasses. I went on a light 20 minute walk too. I had a total of about 3 cups of liquid and LOTS of salt. This morning my temp was 97.1! What am I doing wrong?


    Heather, I don’t know what you are doing wrong, if anything. When I talked to Matt he suggested I cut down on fat & increase starch & sugar. People on here have talked about getting the right ratios of fat, protein & carbs. It sounds like you eat a lot of fat so maybe try cutting back? You should know I’m still trying to figure it out for myself. When you eat try to figure out what your body is really craving. Sorry if you already said before, I’m skimming this post.

    Heather L

    Thanks for the help, Linda— especially sharing the hints Matt gave you. Any help is appreciated. I hope you are successful too!


    You might want to just ditch the thermometer… don’t worry about the actual number, and just try to feel your way through this.

    Are your hands and feet comfortably warm?

    How about after a fatty meal?
    Better/worse after a salty meal?

    Maybe you don’t need to refeed anymore, and can taper off the calorie content, but pay more attention to the type of food? See if you can experiment and find out which nutrient (sugar/ salt/ starch/ fat/ carb/ protein or a mix) is what makes you feel best – energy/ mood/ temperature, etc.

    Not sure what all you’ve tried – other than everything – so, just trying to throw some thoughts out there. Pretty much what Linda, said, too… see if you can hone in on ‘hearing’ your body’s signals.

    Heather L

    Well I know that I will not be ignoring the thermometer if it is the best measure of the metabolism— which is linked with hormones— which I KNOW are completely messed up. I fluctuate between cold hands/feet, to hot flash-like. I want to heal my metabolism so that hormones can be balanced. I don’t believe they are mutually exclusive. There are many more hormones that just the sexual and growth ones people always think of, and I greatly desire to balance them all.

    It’s hard to know exactly what macro-nutrient helps/hinders me. I eat meals that are generally balanced, so this experimenting with heavy fats, or heavy carbs… is out of my comfort zone. I was extremely surprised this morning to find that (after eating so many carbs yesterday) my temp was so low. I ate a fair amount of carbs today too, so I will see what my temp is tomorrow morning. If it is low again, I have to try stressing a different macro (fats will be next).

    I will say that I have noticed a bit more energy in the past 2-3 days and I have retired the enema bag these past 2 days. BUT again, if temp is the best measure of metabolism, mine’s still awful— and the scariest thing is that I don’t know how long it will take as I cannot remember having a normal temp for puberty upwards.


    Here’s my two cents. I believe the reason obese folks exist is because they are stuck in a cycle of over eating and under eating. While eating for heat, you are at first over eating and then eating to maintenance.
    I love my co-worker, but she’ll go through bouts of intense exercise and calorie restriction thinking she’ll finally drop those 80 extra pounds. I’ve tried to talk some sense into her because she worked out the other morning while fasted and didn’t eat for another 3 or so hours later. She was complaining she was cold. Duh! Then when she “falls off the wagon” she over eats. Then ramps it up a notch as “last supper eating” before she goes on another diet/exercise regimen.

    There are no “good” or ” bad” foods in my book. I eat what I want, when I want, and however much I want. I can walk away from a doughnut because it doesn’t sound appetizing at the time. Food has no pull on me. I lift heavy a few times a week and enjoy the endorphins from occasional runs outdoors. This is freedom. I’m 5’9″ and 160 pounds and trying to love this active, warm, amazon woman body. I’m not quite there yet, but I will say that Matt is onto something here.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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