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What do you feed the kiddos?

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    I have a (breastfed) 9 month old baby who is a bit late to the eating party (she naturally wanted to start weaning a bit later than babies typically do).

    I’m just curious what people here (who aren’t afraid of eating well and abundantly) feed their kids?

    My baby has a small appetite for solid food and doesn’t do well with lumps yet so is still on mostly purees. A lot of the conventional advice out there seems to be about giving babies pureed fruit and veg, which she does have, but I feel these don’t have the calorie density to satisfy her so I tend to favor more calorie dense options and include things like potatoes, cereals, rice pudding, Farley’s rusks* (I like those!) and weetabix with whole milk, I sometimes have a little mum-guilt about giving her cereal instead of pureed vegetables :D But, I know that the cereal will put her in a better mood and satisfy her more.

    *Farley’s rusks are a traditional weaning biscuit here in England (possibly other places, but I don’t know), but out of fashion at the moment due to the war on sugar, which they are quite high in. However, many mums (secretly, to avoid those militant judgey McJudggey-pants mums!) give them if babies seem need a bit extra and aren’t very interested in eating.

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