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Can you feel your body "repairing"?

Blog Forums Healthy Weight Loss Can you feel your body "repairing"?

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    Does anybody think they can feel their body repairing?

    I’ve been eating properly for a few months now and seem to have reached my max weight, at least my weight hasn’t budged in about a month. I was hoping that I would start to lose soon, but nothing discernible has happened yet weight-wise.

    I have been getting odd very slight sensations that I can’t really explain, just, it’s a bit like I become aware of different limbs, muscles and bones from time to time, it’s not painful, but for instance, above my knees felt as though I’d walked a long way, pleasantly tingly and tired, even though I hadn’t (boyfriend says it’s from dragging my huge arse to the fridge every 3 hours… ha ha!), and similar feelings in arm muscles.

    For example I’ve had a twisted sacrum for a few years and see a chiropractor on and off- it even caused such a stiff ligament on my womb that I carried my baby breech for a while and almost had to have a C-section. Anyway- without straining it in any way, I had a few days of acute stiffness in the corresponding leg on the sciatic nerve (these things are all connected btw).

    that particular leg stiffness is gone now, and may or may not be connected, but I’ve been getting the warm, tingly/ tired sensations in all different places, could it be possible to feel muscle repair, bones getting denser etc?


    Hi crinkly, this may or may not be helpful, but I’ve had similar sciatic pain. Now gone, it took me awhile with chiropractic care, but mostly stretching and walking. I follow the advice of Katy Bowman from She works on the body’s natural alignment, especially as it relates to the pelvic floor. I noticed that as I stretched, or even just “released” the tension I had in my muscles that I would get a rebound effect later in the day, so that my sciatic or psoas would start hurting. Eventually it went away and I have no pain now. But it took awhile, especially since it involved changing habits along the way.

    Also, I totally think I can feel “growing pains” like I did when I was younger that don’t respond to supplements or food intake. Definitely incited by movement. All it takes for me is getting my body properly stacked with gravity, as opposed to sitting/lying down all the time by walking. It’s not uncomfortable, just noticeable.


    Thanks for your reply Tangytam, Glad to hear you healed your sciatic trouble, it can be quite painful I will check out the website you recommend too.
    I didn’t think about “growing pains”, but that could be my answer. Nice one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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