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    Hi, I just joined. Some background: when I was 13 or 14, at 114 lbs. and 5’3″, I was told I was getting “too plump”. I went on my first diet and lost 7 lbs. The dieting yoyo had begun.

    Now I am 60. I have been on nearly every diet out there (no surgery, thankfully) and so I now weigh 220. I have diabetes and am a cancer survivor. I have been following Weston Price for many years, and it’s great for my immune system, but I still gain weight. And you can get very neurotic about avoiding modern food.

    After finding 180D, I took my temperature. It was 96.0. Geez! I decided to try RARRFING. I just re
    tired, so I can sleep and eat as much as I want. I started tracking calories just to make sure I was eating enough. I tracked a normal day first, and that showed that I have been eating about 1500 calories a day, even when I wasn’t deliberately dieting. And I drank lots of water, though my doctor (a homeopath) says that’s not a good idea. I was just thirsty all the time. However, I don’t seem to have other classic symptoms of low metabolism. My hands and feet are always warm, my hair and nails grow fast.

    I started eating about 3000 calories a day in regular meals, high everything, foods I really like. I have also been sleeping 10 hours a night. I have only been doing this for four days, but I have noticed some improvements. I assumed my swollen ankles and water retention would get worse, but not so! My ankles have slimmed right down. My pee is yellow, and if I am really thirsty I just drink one mouthful. My joint pain is much better. I feel calmer. My diabetes has not gotten worse in spite of greatly increasing carbs and doubling my calories. Yesterday before bed, I hit 98.1! My first temp above 97.7!

    Don’t know about weight, I have lost some due to no longer retaining water, so only time will tell. Anyway, what I really want is to feel well, and that seems to be happening!

    mighty m

    Great start! Keep us posted.


    Really great for you!:)
    As for feeling great and far as the diabetes goes…if you want to try to get rid of it,you migth be interested to read this article:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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