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Anyone had felt this after cataract surgery..!!

Blog Forums Diseases and Conditions Anyone had felt this after cataract surgery..!!

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    Hey,My father used to wear glasses for several years. Last month, on a check up our family doctor, told that my father has got a cataract. When we consulted the ophthalmologist, he said the same. The doctor suggested a surgery to remove the cataract.
    As per the doctor’s suggestion, he did cataract surgery on both eyes. After the surgery, he has a headache almost every day and a funny kind of dizziness along with sensitivity to sounds. It seems to get worse as the day goes on. Has anyone else had this? We went to meet the ophthalmologist yesterday. He said the eyes have healed very well. The doctor, who did the surgery was not able to give any explanation for a headache and dizziness.
    Does anyone have any experience like this after cataract surgery? Can anyone help me with explaining why he has headaches every day?

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