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Feuling my *dogs'* workout

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    Yes, my dogs ha. I have two that run with me and I think they could use a little juice. My border collie is 11 so it’s understandable that she’s not into running monster hills. We get to where the hills start and she start laggging and next thing I know, I look back and she’s gone back home. By my rhodesian ridgeback goes the whole way and the poor thing suffers. I’m kind of surprised. She is chunky but I can kinda see her ribs, so she’s not just a table dog or anything. I mean, this dog is supposed to run with horses and hunt lions… She can barely keep up with a chunky human? I go about 4 miles, until yesterday I would walk the way back, eventually I will be running further. Running 4 days a week.

    They usually get fed at night. I usually run in the late morning. So I’m thinking maybe I could give them something to eat about an hour before we run that might give them some more pep? But not sure what. I drink orange juice..How about if I made some biscuits with honey in them? Should I keep the fat low and make them about carbs? I could do goat milk, wheat and honey. Or maybe a different grain. My border collie is always nervous and itchy, her skin is not good. I’ve tried just about everything, even just feeding her a lot (they get a very high quality food plus some scraps and goat milk, but they are really sick of goat milk at this point (I have goats)).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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