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Help me find a barbell?

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    I want a barbell but I don’t know what to buy. I want something we can all use, including my dad. I also don’t want to spend a million dollars. Any help? Are there any on Amazon that might be decent?


    @Ashley, you can usually find used barbells on Craig’s list for dirt cheap, sometimes even free. I would go for an Olympic barbell rather than a Standard one. Almost Any time you order by mail, you are going to have to pay large shipping fees.

    I believe you live in Arkansas. If you lived near me, I have an old barbell that I would give you. In any case, Craig’s List is probably your best bet. Other than that, yard sales might be worth checking out.

    Now if you are going to buy one new, the standard plates and bar tend to be cheaper. I would recommend the Olympic bar and plates, but I am not dead set on that. A weight is a weight.

    Also, unless you are going to buy Bumper plates (which are extremely expensive and really only necessary if you are going to be doing Olympic Style deadlifting) I would just go with the cheapest thing you can get. You probably aren’t going to be putting enough weight on the bar to bend it AND if you aren’t going to be doing Oly lifting, you don’t need to worry about “spin”.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to ask questions.


    Thanks for the help. I’ve been trying craigslist some but we don’t live close to a craigslist town. The nearest is about 2 hours… we have one like 2 hrs to our west, 2+ hours north, 2.5 hours south and 3+ hours east. People are constantly on there asking them for on in our area, like Mountain Home and have been for years but they won’t do it.

    Anyway :) It seems like they must go quickly, when I see one it’s been removed by the poster.

    I thought bumper plates might be a good idea as we have hardwood floors, but I suppose some kind of mat would be sufficient? I just don’t want to risk damaging the floors. What about length? 6 ft?

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    Ashley, if money isn’t an obstacle, by all means get bumper plates. It’s pretty easy to make a weightlifting platform so that you don’t mess up the floor. Here are some instructions:

    In terms of bumper plates, one of the cheapest deals I’ve every got was from here:

    However, even that isn’t cheap. So if you just want your usual non-bumper plates, just get the cheapest deal you can. If you get Olympic barbell set, it will be official size.

    I grew up in a rural community, so I know how hard it can be to get stuff sometimes.

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