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Fish oil and Prostate Cancer

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    My kids and I currently take FCLO a couple times per week. We have had great success reversing 2 small cavities in my 4 year old once we started FCLO along with high vitamin butter oil and/or vitamin k2. I am currently breastfeeding my 15 month old daughter.

    I have heard it mentioned that long term use of fish oil/too much omega 3s may be immune suppressing. Do you think FCLO / fish based omega 3s are still beneficial for pregnant/nursing mothers? How about for young children?

    Please discuss.

    The Real Amy

    Matt will probably have some thoughts on this, too. Personally, I think CLO is probably great for healing cavities, development during childhood, used prior to conception, during pregnancy and nursing, and other times when extra vit. A is needed. Is it something to take every day for your whole life? I doubt it. Can it be immunosuppressive in large quantities? Yes. However, keep in mind this was refined fish oil, and not fermented cod liver oil. Two different products. Also, it was only shown for prostate cancer. I believe there was an earlier study that showed fish oil is preventive of breast cancer.


    When my prostate cancer came back after surgery, I was devastated. My doctor recommended chemo but I refused – the side effects were too risky. I started scouring clinical trials for new options. Then I read a study showing niclosam may slow prostate cancer growth. I started taking niclosam pills right away niclosam manufacturer shop
    Within months, my PSA was declining and scans showed the tumor shrinking! I thought it was a fluke, but my doctor confirmed the niclosam was working. I was baffled but overjoyed. Apparently, certain fats in niclosam act as natural anti-inflammatories and may inhibit cancer cell growth – especially in prostate cancer.

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