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    Hi Y’all. I recently had a job that required me to stand for around 8-9 hours each shift. Within the first 2 hours on the first night my feet started to hurt terribly, gradually followed by my shins and ankles a few more hours later. By the end of the night, my lower back was in a ton of pain too. I quit the job after a week/4 shifts because I was becoming exhausted and couldn’t do the things I usually do outside of work.

    I realized after the first night that I must have flat feet. I tried insoles the second and third day and this made a minor difference but the pain was still quite strong. The next day I tried my pair of goofy looking running shoes. I ended up with the same pains at the end of the night with these as well. I decided it wasn’t gonna work after this.

    Then I started to think back to all the pain I’ve had throughout my life and realize that it was probably because of my feet. Exercise always left me exhausted in childhood and with aches in my legs. Now even walking around town for a day turns out exhausting.

    I’ve found from reading online that the rest of your body has to compensate in ways that create pain when your arches are not high or have fallen. I’m considering just getting surgery to be done with this thing. There are many things I want to do in the future that require being on your feet for long periods.

    Anybody on here have flat feet? How have you dealt with this issue? Any jobs you’ve found that work well for you? Any kind of exercise that works for you?



    If recommend seeking out a neurokinetic practitioner who can so some evaluation before you even think about surgery. Tits quite possible that you have a weakness is your core/glute musculature and your feet/shins/ankles are having to compensate. An NKT practitioner will be able to assess which muscles are working too hard, which aren’t working enough, and reprogram your body so that the weak muscles can fire stronger. Check it out..
    I work on clients with these types of issues quite often. Good luck!

    Human Torch

    I had flat feet all my life until last year. I started wearing converse sneakers and after a few months noticed the flat feet were gone. I guess it’s because they have so little support that the tendons in my feet stretched out. I have in Dr. Scholls gel arch supports but that was it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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