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Help!…fluids,retention/dehydration,swelling,bumps,digestion,overburdened liver

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    So,for about 2days now I haven’t been able to go to the toilet for a big #2 ….it’s driving me crazy that I just don’t know how to get bowels flowing frequently.
    Despite using lots of salt,I on&off battle with fluid retention,dehydration or God knows what it is.However it always turns out to be when I had an ‘off’day meaning,that I just eat within Peat guidelines and not care/being scared of macro’s&such….basically meaning not minding the fat,carbs,protein. But I always wake more fatigued,kinda sluggish/relaxed feeling the next day and with swollen areas…..
    Back in the day when I started with the actual Eat4Heat and consumed also starches with it,sometimes I woke up with legs swollen like elephant legs/feet,couldn’t open my eyelids,this waterpouch?on my belly….I literally sometimes couldnt get my pants&shoes on let alone walk! The skin on my shins totally cracked open by all the swelling and now months later the skin has finally regenerated.
    I never ever experienced something like that in my entire life and it totally freaked me out!I also was diagnosed qith very low iron,so I dropped all starches(at least as far as I’m aware of),my bowelmovement became more frequent for a period. It has been months now,since I ever ran if just to catch the buss.
    But,this evening I felt this itchyness on my leg so I looked down and I see this big bump with fluid/puss?The skin around it is also quite red and kinda hurts when you touch it,probably bc the skin is totally stretched out(I don’t dare to prick it open since I don’t know what it is or from)


    What’s happening?!Is this bc I havent been able to go to the toilet for a big dump for 2days?(I’m battling constipation for years but never experienced weird things like this either almost eating zero on Paleo or in my pre-healthdays) Is it liver not being able to detox,is it the fat(though not PUFA),increase in proteins that day?….I don’t know what to do anymore with all these constant weird things happening.

    And I really really can’t have these weird things happening&lasting bc after 3years there’s a possibillity I migth be able to get a job at a landscaping/gardening company. So,I need to be able to keep Lifting/exercising to grow strong and do this job! (Which I this week realised migth be a problem,bc I dont seem to tolerate the humid climate very well.)


    Honestly, I’d go in and get that looked at by your doctor or health care folks… Putting on my RN hat here – I can’t tell what’s happening by the picture but if that blister is full of pus, and your leg is really that red and swollen and hot/hard to the touch, you might need antibiotics.


    Thanx Finngarian.
    Tomorrow I’m indeed going to my GP. However I refuse to take antibiotics or creams or whatever,bc that is what led me to bad health and comprised immune system in the first place!
    My body doesn’t do well on all these chemical drugs and I simply dont have the money to buy natural medicines.


    I second the recommendation to see a doctor. Whatever the cause of that infection, you want to get proper treatment before it gets worse.

    What’s your diet look right now? Describe an average day.


    I’m sorry antibiotics have messed you up, but if what you have is cellulitis (an infection of the tissues under your skin) it could spread to your blood, and that will likely put you in the hospital. Hope you’ve been to see your doctor by now, and I hope you get better.


    Thanx, Finngarian and David.
    I’ve been to see a GP today,she opened the bump to let the fluids out. She was talking about possibly antibiotics but I quickly told her me&AB don’t go well together.
    So,she taped the wound off and said that I should keep an eye on it for it not getting worse.
    The bump is caused by this waterretention/swelling I’m battling with,though not as severely anymore since I’ve cut out all starches, in my legs but the very humidity&warmth of the current weather over here execarbated it tenfold!
    I must now somehow seem to get it to work that it won’t devellop into an infection and heal fast.So if anyone has dietary/natural advices to do this,would be welcome,as I just don’t have the money to buy supplements and stuff.
    Apparently humidity especially combined with warmth and I don’t do well at all,which makes my ‘what do I want to do jobwise”search even harder to impossible!

    Yesterday someone mentioned histamines to me and looking back I ate quite some histamine-rich foods,but I suspect that if your bowels keep moving this shouldn’t be such a problem rigth?
    These foods used to not give me such problems,so I was wondering if the humid weather migth be the cause of my sudden increased sensitivity? especially bc the last couple of years during July/August I always feel like an angerball,wanting the punch people in the face :s, during the day.
    So,I’m thinking the weather causes stress on the body….

    On the other hand however it is said that the liver needs enough protein to detox properly,since I keep on shitting around with my eating,it migth also be the liver not being able to detox properly? (Though I have no idea how much protein the liver needs)

    Oh and on a sidenote, for some reason I can’t reply on threads anymore on my phone. It says I need to be logged in,but I can’t find a login button on the site anywhere when I look on my phone.


    Honey is a good wound healer and has antibacterial properties.


    Sorry to hear about this. Hope you’re feeling better now. I have low iron, too, and am curious what is the reason for cutting out starches because of this?


    @YarnJess Thank you very much for the tip:) I actually have some Manuka honey lying around in my cabinet that I once got but never use bc I don’t like the taste,so I migth use it for this. Only thing is how exactly,do I rub it on the wound&area around the wound?(red skin)….bc I think it’s gonna turn out to be a very sticky mess.

    I’m sorry if I’ve gotten you confused that I’d cut it out for the iron. I’d cutted it out initially bc it made the swellings very severe and I suspect turned my body too acidic/overburdened liver,caused constipation….and on top of it caused to deplete me of minerals even the so-called innocent starches/grains like white rice&corn. After having talked with a health practitioner he convinced me that all grains have little to none nutrition to offer and can bind minerals to it causing deficiencies. So,in the future I migth want to add some starch regularly,but I think I can better not do it in the form of any grains but instead opt for some more nutritional starches like potato and plantain and save rice porridge for very special occasions.
    I’ve mailed mr.Peat….what a nice man and replied so quickly!
    I have to give kudos to him and Matt bc they’re the only ones who respond to mails and fairly quickly also!:)…….Sisson and Rob Wolff never replied back in the day when I mailed them.

    It really bugs me,that I’m not able to respond on my phone anymore bc for some reason it doesn’t show the login button anywhere.


    It can be a bit sticky. I’d cover it with a bandage or gauze or what have you to minimize the sticky factor.

    Another inexpensive wound healer is the weed plantain (plantago major or plantago lanceolota). It grows pretty much everywhere. Google the Latin names and look at the images to learn to ID it, go pick some and infuse it in an oil (cover the plant material with oil in a glass container, place container in a pan of water or crock pot and let the water heat up to no more than a simmer, let infuse until oil is a deep green). You can then make a salve by mixing the oil with some beeswax, or just apply the oil. Alternatively, you can make a compress or poultice with it. For a compress, steep the leaves in boiling water for 20-30 minutes, soak a cloth in the liquid and place on the wound. For a poultice do the same, but put the leaves in the soaked cloth and apply to the wound. Cotton gauze, flannel, or a flour sack towel would be good for the poultice. Any of those or terry cloth would work for a compress. You can also buy dried plantain in the bulk herbs area of a health food store. Bulk herbs are generally not terribly expensive.

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