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    *Rant alert*

    So I was recently out shopping and was about to pick up some cookies, when a certain loved one said I’m “not allowed” to buy cookies (!) because I “got fat” while I was pregnant (I gained 17kgs and have just 2kgs of that left, I think that’s pretty good!). Anyway, I’m kind of sad about that, it’s like, hello, I gave up my body to create a new life and have endured countless sleepless nights, I deserve a freaking cookie!

    Today, I thought about getting a secret cookie stash, but it feels sad and messed up to have to hide food and eat secretly.

    I’ve also had comments suggesting I should try and be skinny again like I was when I was a vegan, why the F would I want to do that? I was tired, freezing cold, had PCOS and had no cycle, I don’t think I even looked that good, I looked like Gwyneth Paltrow, not that I have anything against Gwynnie, but I prefer a stronger, more robust look, which I think I have now, with just a small amount of padding :).

    *end of rant* :D


    If a certain loved one told me I’m “not allowed” to have anything, that’s a SURE FIRED way to make sure I get it and ENJOY it!

    Someone needs a kick in the head.

    I would get that cookie stash and eat it right in front of said loved one (groaning with pleasure as you do)… then maybe get that person to read Eat4Heat or DietRecovery, so they can get off the ‘fat’ wagon.

    We call having a little padding being “prosperous” around our house. :) As a new mom, you deserve a little prosperity! Geez!!

    As for losing 15/17 kgs… I think that’s AWESOME, and a good sign of a healthy metabolism!


    Hi Tina,

    I did eat my cookie stash and it felt good :)

    Said loved one has backed off, this week I’m starting a new experiment, I said I’d try avoiding flour products for a few weeks (bread mostly, which I eat a lot of) and bump up my intake of whole food instead (rice, potatoes etc), and have dates, honey and chocolate for sweets when I want them.

    I’ll see how that goes, I don’t mind a restriction like that if it is only temporary and I can eat other food instead. I think this will be easier than my no fructose experiment (way to make food really boring LOL).


    Oh, my word. I am diabetic (type 1), and I get people being the “food police” while they don’t really understand what the best diet is for me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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