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Food then temp drops?

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    After eating some types of food my temperatures drops, can anyone tell me why?


    Hey Snowdrop, I thought you would get a response by now. I am going to take a guess that the foods you are eating are cool foods that bring your temp down. Are you familiar with warming & cooling foods? Soups, some veggies & salads are cooling. Drinking too many liquids are cooling. Are you adding salt or sugar to your food? That should help. Ice cream is supposed to be warming. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. I have been eating it to get the calories in but it doesn’t bring my temp up. Maybe I shouldn’t eat it at all? Anyway, Matt has talked a lot about warm & cool foods. Hope this helps.


    Finally! ;) Thank you for your reply.

    I have read all Matts books and am familiar with warming and cooling foods. It’s just that when I eat weet-bix with raw milk & loads of honey for breakfast, followed usually by some toast (spelt sourdough with no extras) with fried eggs & cheese, my temps drop to 35.7-35.9.

    Do you think temps can drop in response to foods our bodies are not used to or do not like?


    @snowdrop a. While ago i talked with a healthpractitioner and he mentioned that all grains,gluten&non gluten,can keep temperature and metabolism down in metabollically derangged people.
    So,maybe experiment some day or couple of days by eating no grainsources even the ‘safer ones’ like corn and. White rice and see if your temps start to increase?


    Even though my average temp overall is very slowly rising, my temps usually go down when I eat – even the most warming foods. Yesterday I had a huge breakfast full of all the 4s’s and I took my temp 20 minutes after eating and it went down almost a FULL degree (from 97.6 to 96.8)!

    I have been trying not to over-think it too much, but I can’t help but wonder if it is something I am eating. I remember in one of Matt’s books he mentioned that a dairy sensitivity could cause the temps to go down, and @Dutchie mentions is could be grains.

    If it’s grains (or dairy or both) that is making my temps go down after eating – then I am just back to restricted eating! Ugh. Feeling frustrated.


    Another thought could be that your temp was being kept high before your meal because your adrenaline was pumping. Once you ate, it calmed down the stress response in your body, lowering your adrenaline, and lowering your temp. Ideally, when your metabolism heals, your adrenaline won’t go that high before meals, and your temp will be more stable all the time. So even though a high temp is good, if it’s high right before a meal, and then drops after a meal, it could mean that your adrenaline was pumping before you ate food. In that case, the high temp before the meal was sort of faking you out.

    Also, how long after the meal are you taking your temp? If I eat a good meal, sometimes it takes 1/2 hour before my hands and feet warm up.

    Or, it could be an allergic/intolerant type response to the food you ate- as mentioned above. If you can fix your metabolism, you might not have that response with those foods. But if you figure out what the allergy/intolerance is, you might want to leave that food out for a while, or just not eat as much of it, until you’re more healed. I agree @esb, it’s a bummer because then you’re back to restricted eating.

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    AnnaB what you are saying makes sense to me, especially since it occurs most often at breakfast, or when I push my lunch out further than expected. So if that was the case my basal temps would really be lower than what they are reading due to the adrenaline?

    I am really bad, I take my temp during, 10 min after, then at 30 and 60 min. It fascinates me.

    I have only introduced grains back into my life since starting here as I had problems with them previously. @esb I would rather not restrict again either, however maybe it would help in the short term until temps rise further, resulting in a higher tolerance to grains/dairy???

    I will give it a go and see what happens…


    Yes, the adrenaline/cortisol thing makes sense to me too – thanks for the comment @AnnaB. I remember one morning, I didn’t have much food in the house, and I had a pretty lousy breakfast (2 cups of coffee and 2 pieces of bacon). I waited 30 mins and took my temp. I assumed it was going to be in the 96s because I felt horrible (shaky, headache, anxious, etc.) I was floored when it read 98.1 (that is very high for me). I thought my thermometer was broken and I went and bought a new one, LOL!

    – I take my temp a lot, I think it’s fun and fascinating too. My 2yo says “Mama take her temp-tur gain.”

    The adrenaline explains a lot, but I still can’t help but think there is some sort of reaction/intolerance going on for me as well. But, I’m not willing to go down that path again. Although I don’t think food restriction is what damaged my metabolism, the past two years of GAPS/Paleo have been a living hell for me and my family.
    Even with the thought of it right now, I feel anxiety coming on.

    Even though I can’t can a significant rise in my temps from eating, my temp over-all is rising. When I started a few months ago, I couldn’t get a temp higher than the low 97s. This week, I had two reading in the low 98s and feel so much better!! So, I think I’ll take the slow and steady route and keep eating everything.

    keep us posted on your progress – I’d love to hear if you your temps improve.

    PS – Both times I’ve had a temp in the 98s – it was after an afternoon nap! Yay sleep :)

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