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    Are we good to post food and recipe websites and blogs? I have come across one or two that are great for people refeeding. Lots of high calorie recipes. Plenty of sugar, salt, high carb an all that good stuff :) Would be great to have others post any other good finds too.

    Matt Stone

    Of course. That’s what this badboy is for. I was thinking about maybe creating a refeeding video series at some point as well. Been making some ridiculous food lately myself.


    Excellent! I know some people don’t like other peoples websites posted on their on so I thought id ask first.

    So. If any of these get you licking your chops and salivating –

    – Salted caramel peanut butter cookie cups.
    – coconut crusted french toast
    – banana and nutella stuffed french toast
    – cheezy cheez-it bacon mac and chesse
    – loaded pancake muffins
    – pepperoni pizza bread

    Then I suggest

    And make sure to check out the dessert section! :)

    Participant of course


    Another vote for the pioneer woman. That lady does NOT mess around, her recipes are so awesome!


    Even though I’m not Paleo anymore, I love The Domestic Man. His recipes are just good ole comfort food. Here are my favorites:
    I use rice noodles and peanuts rather than macadamias, and add scallions.
    Serve over a bowl of mashed potatoes. So fucking good.


    trading recipes anyone?

    I have a great recipe that I got off a link in a comment to a 180 post a good while back. it’s for NO KNEAD BREAD and I think it’s a NY Times link. If anyone wants it and can’t find it let me know and i’ll type it out and post it here.

    the brilliance of it is:
    1. it’s a perfect ciabatta loaf like you buy at bakeries for about 3 times the price that I can make it at home
    2. it’s almost no work – about 30 seconds in the beginning and another 30 seconds |(seriously) another 12 hours later and that’s it other than putting it in the oven. what ‘work’ there is ,is just planning and timing, setting the oven etc.
    3. the ingredients are simple – flour, a bit of salt and yeast and water.
    if like me you like a simple clean tasting not cakey bread.
    4. like they say, no kneading!
    I recommend making the dough one evening and baking it the next – I call it 24 hour bread.
    I make 2 loaves every 2nd day. note – in summer I think it may be better to keep the dough in a cool place – I get better results now that temps range between 2-22 degrees Celsius out there than I got when it was hotter.

    I’m looking for:
    1. an easy, quick, simple, ideally coconut oil / or second best, butter cookie, a simple no frills foolproof cheap everyday staple with just a couple of ingredients. I’d really like not to have to cream the butter and sugar ;) but also do not have a kitchen full of expensive gadgets! a cookie equivalent of the no-knead bread!
    2. another staple – a pufa free mayonnaise without a too-strong olive oil taste – is there any point using a processed olive oil for a blander taste, or is the damage due to processing too pufa-like? anyone know?

    I’m all for cooking from scratch but the key is simplicity, economy and deliciousness, hence sustainability! other winners I can share if anyone is interested is chicken liver pate, a little trick for the best butternut soup, a great recipe for a Portuguese style chicken which develops its own gel in its marinade, suggesting great nutrients and gelatin from the bones. tried and tested family recipes.


    The mayonnaise is tricky, I think. I used to make it with a good-quality farm-sourced olive oil, but it was a bit too strong tasting. Last time I broke down and make it with organic safflower oil. That was too bland. I think next time I’ll mix the two oils. Yeah, I know, PUFAs, but I don’t eat that much mayo.

    The problem with buying a blander, processed cheap olive oil is that it’s probably a blend even if the label doesn’t say so. A blend with most likely cheap GMO ingredients.


    Sue, if you melt the butter when making cookies, the sugar combines easily, no need to “cream”.


    Thanks Betsy, I think a blend might be the best for the mayo. Am going to scrutinize some good quality brand labels …
    Julie, I had the butter melted on the windowsill in the sun till very very soft, almost liquid – it combined fine but as for the ‘beat till fluffy and white, no visible sugar grains left’ bit – life’s too darn short ;) think it makes much difference?
    It’s a recipe from a friend who got it from her grandmother. But she neglected to mention that her grandmother was a Bulgarian Olympic weightlifter in the days before they got busted for steroids! Or so I assume, anyway.


    Sue, I love your humor! My cookies always taste great to me, and I just stir together the melted butter and sugar. Eggs do mix in better if you add them one at a time. Then I add “all the rest”. I often make a butter/almond cookie that I believe is my grandmother’s recipe. I don’t know how well she creamed that butter, but life is different now.

    In case you missed it, I make “mayo” with yogurt and olive oil. It’s under the Avoiding PUFA thread. Much easier than making your own in a blender.


    Thanks Betsy, I’ll give it a try!

    Participant and has lots of recipes,for the people that are able to eat whatever.


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