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    No matter how much I sleep I am constantly fatigued. I am good to go while I work out, and get a burst in the middle of the day but besides that I can basically sleep on command. I need more variety in my diet. I tend to only crave a couple of things and probably am not eating enough from all food groups. Any foods or meals you know of that really help with energy/mood (I realize all food does so, but I am looking for particulars- if they exist).


    Perhaps your fatigue is not diet related. If could sleep on command almost always I would do as my body asks and sleep A LOT. You might just need to take it easy for a while; keep a good day/night rhythm and sleep as much as you can. Sleeping 10 hours or more a day for a month or two will surely help ;).


    I think getting energy from food is much simpler than it’s often presented. I don’t even think that variety is all that important. It’s very common for entire populations to subsist on nothing but a few basic staples, all while performing hard manual labor. And in most civilizations, starches have been by far the most important staple.

    This would be my recipe for a high energy meal:

    -LARGE portion of refined starch (white rice, bread, pasta, etc.). You want to get a lot of calories out of this part of the meal.
    -moderate portion of lean protein
    -a bit of vegetables, fat, oil, spices, lemon, etc. for flavor (optional)
    -glass or two or three of soda (caffeinated if you want an extra boost–but I wouldn’t overdue the caffeine)

    I understand most people would shudder at this meal, because it contradicts most of what is currently popular in the field of nutrition, but it is basically pure energy and might be helpful for you. Fat and fiber will only slow down your digestion, so the focus should be on fast-digesting carbs and protein, which combine to amp the metabolism. This combination is currently working well for me.

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    I sleep as much as possible. 10-12 hours on the weekends and 6 hours on weekdays with a nap after work most of the time.

    I seem to need mostly carbs in my diet to feel normal. I tried not having as many as I felt like I could starving to death. Is this normal?


    I think that’s very normal. Carbs are the perfect source of energy for the human diet. For most people, limiting carb consumption is likely to result in low energy levels. You can replace some of your carbs with fats–because fat also supplies energy–but I don’t think this is ideal past a certain level.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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