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The "I Miss The Old Format" Thread

Blog Forums Raising Metabolism The "I Miss The Old Format" Thread

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    I’ve really appreciated David’s perspective as well.

    As for the topic: I really miss the blog posts. I’ve learned way more from the comment section in them than from anywhere else. Reading the accounts from average, normal human beings has brought me way more useful information than just being told how things are from Matt himself.

    The forums are great, but without the blog posts, discussion here is definitely declining. I could be very wrong, but I’d imagine traffic to the site will have decreased as well, which defeats what I believed to be the purpose of making this change in the first place.


    Thanks, Amy and Alatoras- It’s funny to me that I’m now a voice for moderation, since in the past my views on diet were often a bit extreme. Of course, the more extreme I was, the less healthy I got.

    I’m not sure how I became a moderator here, but it does seem that the three most regular moderators here lately (me, Thomas, and Amy) are also some of the biggest proponents of a moderate approach to diet. Maybe that explains how we got our titles.


    And now I’m breaking my 30-minute internet rule! It is cool to see the surge of activity here, though.


    Agreed! I miss having everyone chime in on the same thread.
    (Whatever happened to Julia G?)

    Thomas, I tried finding the 180 degree facebook page you mentioned (I’m assuming this is different than just “liking” Matt’s 180 degree health page). I couldn’t find the group on Facebook… Is it under a different name, and is it possible for anyone to join?



    AnnaB, I have JuliaG’s email and I guess I could email her and ask, but I don’t want to bother her.

    Here’s the 180 Degree Facebook page:

    You can also try friending Matt on facebook:


    Thanks Thomas!
    I was actually kind of kidding about the Julia thing… just remembered her being very active before. I wouldn’t actually want to bother her.

    Thanks for the FB pages– I knew about these ones, i just thought you were indicating there was another 180d page where people were asking for help, discussing, etc.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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